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>Rep. Sam Johnson, R-TX, House of Representatives - September 24, 1997
>Mr. Speaker, it is impossible for me  to  believe  the  hypocrisy
>coming  from  the  White House on campaign finance reform and the
>way we have been  treated  on  this  floor.  We  just  wasted  45
>Just days after Attorney General  Janet  Reno  started  a  30-day
>investigation  into Clinton and Gore's fund-raising practices, he
>has the audacity to threaten to call Congress back  into  session
>if we adjourn without at least debating campaign finance reform.
>I feel compelled to point  out  that  we  do  not  need  campaign
>finance  reform,  we  need  elected officials who will follow the
>current  law.  If  we  enforce  the  laws,  such  as  no  foreign
>contributions,  we  would not need an independent counsel to tell
>us that President Clinton and Vice President Gore broke the  law,
>plain and simple.
>Mr. Speaker, the President should be  using  that  phone  in  the
>White House to do his job, not line his pockets.
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