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>Rep. Jim Traficant, House of Representatives - September 23, 1997
>Mr. Speaker, according to news  reports,  the  IRS  has  a  quota
>system.  IRS  agents  got  bonuses for ripping off taxpayers. And
>many times taxpayers settled their cases even  though  they  were
>What is so shocking about all  that?  The  American  people  have
>known  this  for years, and the American people have been telling
>us the IRS is incompetent, the  IRS  is  arrogant,  the  IRS  has
>abused  their  powers. It has gotten so bad the IRS is even above
>the law.
>That is right, in America the accuser has the  burden  of  proof,
>but  not  in a civil tax case. The IRS accuses, the taxpayer must
>prove their case. Beam me up.
>Let me say this. There can be no true reform in American tax  law
>without changing the burden of proof. It is time to handcuff them
>to a chain link fence and flog them  with  their  own  hefty  Tax
>I yield back their unauthorized seizures and excessive penalties.
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