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>Subject: Paper Terrorism Followup
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>I just spoke with Washington State Representative Karen Schmidt's 
>office early this afternoon.  I was informed by her staff person that 
>Representative Schmidt is not the author of the "Paper Terrorism" 
>treatise.  The information was compiled and authored by, she 
>believed, a lieutenant in the Washington State Patrol Organized Crime 
>Intelligence Unit (360-753-3277).
>According to this staff person, Rep. Schmidt did not even author the 
>cover memo under which the information was distributed to all 
>Washington State lawmaker, however, she did sign the memo in her 
>capacity as Chairman of the Organized Crime Advisory Board.
>It did not occur to me to ask the staff person if Rep. Schmidt had 
>read the contents of either the memo or the text of "Paper 
>Terrorism", or whether Rep. Schmidt's views were consistent with the 
>content of "Paper Terrorism".  I hope that many of you will ask Rep. 
>Schmidt this question.
>After all, she did distribute this "information" (which, by the way, 
>details a very specific and shocking public policy of the "State of 
>Washington") to all of her fellow law makers over her signature on a 
>memo which commends to them this information and program.
>Representative Karen Schmidt's office phone number is 360-786-7842 
>and her email address is schmidt_ka@leg.wa.gov.
>After further study and consideration of this document, I was almost 
>overwhelmed by a desire to discover that it was a hoax.  It is not a 
>hoax, and the fact that it is the current public policy of the 
>primary law enforcement body of the "State of Washington" is simply 

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