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>Subject:       Political Correctness Gone Wild
>One of the things I hate about political correctness
>is that those afflicted with this particular form of
>mental disorder will always find something to attack
>you for, no matter how benign you are.
>A recent example of this syndrome is presented
>by the behavior of Anita Hill, who has written a
>book in which she criticizes former US Senator
>David Boren, currently president of the University
>of Oklahoma, where Hill was employed as a law
>professor for several years following her famous
>testimony accusing Clarence Thomas of sexual
>She accuses Boren of having treated her in a
>"racially insensitive manner" during a university
>function in 1995.
>What terrible thing did Boren do?
>In a speech, he made a comment about "restoring
>tradition in the law school."
>That's all.
>Hill says that she found the remarks "insensitive,"
>and even admits that he probably meant "traditions
>of quality."
>Where did he go wrong by this all-powerful ultimate
>judge of men?
>According to Hill, his insensitivity is shown by her
>allegation that "he simply assumed that I would see
>tradition in the same way he did, forgetting that when
>he was a student, there were few women and few 
>students of color, and no black or female faculty."
>Remember, she admits he probably didn't mean
>this type of tradition.  Nonetheless, in Hill's view
>he is guilty of insensitivity by simply using the
>word "tradition" without explicitly specifying that 
>he did not have these objectionable traditions in
>When confronting politically correct moralizers, you
>are damned if you do, and damned if you don't.  If
>Boren had taken pains to point out that he welcomed
>the participation of blacks and women in the law
>school, then the PCers could accuse him of being
>The real travesty is found in the amount of media
>attention given to self-aggrandizing hustlers like
>Hill.  She was given an opportunity to discuss her
>book on Monday night's Dateline NBC.   The version
>of events I am reporting is based on a front-page news 
>article appearing in the 9/30/97 issue of the Oklahoma 
>Daily (University of Oklahoma newspaper).
>  -- Michael Wright  
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