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Subject: SLS: Reno's fatal loss of credibility (fwd)

>Janet Reno's fatal loss of credibility 
>by Mark Levin 
>Should Attorney General Janet Reno oversee an investigation of Filegate?
>No. In fact, she should resign. 
>Since the early days of her tenure, Miss Reno has been far too eager to
>use her law enforcement and legal authority to advance the political and
>personal agendas of the Clintons. For instance, in August 1993, I wrote
>Miss Reno asking her to appoint a special counsel to investigate the
>White House Travel Office firings. Her assistant attorney general in
>charge of the Criminal Division, John Kenney, replied that no such
>appointment was warranted. 
>Of course, we now know that instead of concerning itself with obvious
>White House abuses - including misusing the FBI and the first lady's
>role in the firings -Miss Reno's Criminal Division was busy building a
>phony criminal case against Billy Dale, the Travel Office's former
>director. As is well know, a jury found Mr. Dale innocent of all charges
>in less than two hours - a complete repudiation of the Justice
>Department. And only a few months ago - nearly three years after the
>Travel Office scandal first broke - did Miss Reno ask that an
>independent prosecutor, namely Kenneth Starr, investigate the Travelgate
>Miss Reno's Justice Department also all but ignored evidence of an
>earlier file-tampering scandal at the State Department. It seems that
>some high-level Clintonoids retrieved and reviewed the personnel files
>of former Bush political appointees who had worked at the State
>Department. Apparently information from at least two of the files was
>leaked to The Washington Post. Although the State Department's inspector
>general found this conduct likely violated the Privacy Act, the Justice
>Department chose not to pursue the matter. 
>Moreover, Miss Reno resisted appointing a special counsel to investigate
>the Whitewater affair.
>Indeed, not until public pressure forced Bill Clinton himself to ask
>Miss Reno to appoint a special
>counsel did she finally relent. 
>How many taxpayers are aware that the Justice Department has filed one
>brief after another in
>support of Mr. Clinton in the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit? Mr.
>Clinton insists that his election
>to the presidency insulates him from lay-suits charging him with
>misconduct, even where the alleged
>misconduct occurred when he was governor of Arkansas. Every federal
>court that has reviewed the
>president's preposterous claim has rejected. But Mr. Clinton's real
>objective is purely political, i.e., to
>delay the Jones case until after the November election. Yet the Reno
>Justice Department is using the
>resources and credibility of the United States government in support of
>this outrageous ploy. 
>And there's more. Independent Counsel Donald Smaltz is busy
>investigating former Agriculture
>Secretary Mike Espy and his ties to, among other things, Tyson Foods
>Inc. The Tyson family and
>Mr. Clinton are longtime political bedfellows. When Mr. Smaltz sought
>Miss Reno's approval to
>expand his investigation to cover additional areas of possible
>criminality, Miss Reno refused. Mr.
>Smaltz had to go over Miss Reno's head and ask for the authority from a
>federal court which
>When Mrs. Clinton's Health Care Task Force - which included scores of
>her special-interest friends -
>was sued for, among other things, conducting secret meetings in
>violation of federal law, lawyers from
>Miss Reno's Justice Department defended the practice. Their trial
>tactics were o thoroughly detestable
>that federal Judge Royce Lamberth, an outstanding judge know for his
>wisdom and tolerance , was
>compelled to criticize the United States attorney to investigate whether
>top Clinton administration
>officials has perjured themselves. 
>A few years ago, Miss Reno also surprised many when she appeared in New
>Jersey campaigning for
>then-Gov. James Florio. Previous attorneys general refused to involve
>themselves in elections for they
>realized that their role as American's top law enforcement official
>could be compromised if they were
>seen as political partisans. (Miss Reno's political efforts fell short
>anyway, Mr. Florio was defeated by
>Christine Todd Whitman. 
>And now Newsweek reports that Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick,
>considered the power
>behind Miss Reno's throne, has set up some kind of campaign "war room"
>in her Justice Department
>office, not unlike the quick response team at the White House. This,
>too, is a first. Precisely what are
>the lawyers assigned to the Justice "war room" doing, and with whom are
>they at "war"? Meanwhile,
>Mrs. Goreslick's former lawfirm -Miller, Cassidy, Larroca and Lewin - is
>representing Craig
>Livingstone, the man at the center of the Filegate scandal. Shouldn't
>Mrs. Gorelick recuse herself
>from this matter?
>Most distressing, however, is Miss Reno's decision to conduct an
>internal investigation of the FBI's
>role in the Filegate scandal - perhaps the most dangerous of Clinton
>Miss Reno could have asked the federal court to expand Independent
>Counsel Starr's investigative
>mandate to enable him to independently uncover the facts. She did not.
>Miss Reno could have
>administratively appointed her own special counsel to head the
>investigation, as was done during
>Watergate. She did not. Instead, the Justice Department she heads -
>which includes the FBI - will
>investigate its own conduct and that of the White House. No way. I think
>it's time Miss Reno
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