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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Eudora cannot open messages
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An emergency method of pulling a 
message out of your in-box is to
use a standard word processor
to open:


or some letter drive other than "C:".
Then, you can select, cut, and 
paste to your heart's delight.

To be safe, run this wp when Eudora
is closed, and do not save the
text file, because you run the risk
of writing a different format, one
which Eudora will not understand.
DOS EDIT may work, if IN.MBX is not
too large;  else, EDIT will err 
for being "out of memory".

If you examine IN.MBX carefully,
you will see the ????? which indicate
the start of a new message.  The file
IN.TOC stores pointers to these starting
lines, to permit direct access to 
individual messages.

I hope this helps.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 10:28 AM 8/6/97 -0500, you wrote:
>On 08:14 AM 8/6/97 -0400, the following was submitted for consideration by
Adam Kippes:
>>That's what it means... but don't you think it's a bit risky, not setting
>>any limit? What if I get mad at you? <g>
>So my question is are we talking about this option affecting downloading
or affecting opening?  I set it at no limit because I want all the mail
from my server to download first.  It does that fine.  So now that I have
it all downloaded, I want to read a message I see in the window, but it
won't let me.  The point is that I have set no limits, but Eudora obviously
thinks it knows better.  This option is on the Checking Mail page of the
options, so why is it screwing with the opening of a message that has been
on my drive for a few hours? 
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