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Read "The Unseen Hand" by Ralph Epperson 
for all the proof you could ever need. 
The problem with these banks predates 
the Civil War, and beyond.  There is also
a contemporary scholar at The Hooven
Institution, at Stanford, but his name
escapes me right now;  this author has
reams of evidence linking the major
banking families to the Russian 
Revolution in 1917.  I will pray for
help to remember his name.  

Trotsky, for example, was detailed by
Canadian authorities in Nova Scotia, 
upon embarking for the continent of Europe.  
A call from the U.S. government released him, 
whereupon he proceeded to travel right through
war-time Western Europe, on a luxury
train, without so much as a pebble being
thrown against that train by anyone.   
He was carrying something like $10 million 
in cash/gold.  The banks are behind the
communist party, which provides "front line"
services for those banks.

Help, anybody, with the Hoover scholar's name?


/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>***[Michael Smith]  I wonder if there's a way to concretely verify that in a
>manner to prove to people that the "government" technically has been
>overthrown.  Or would it even matter?  Would anyone listen?
>Michael Smith
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