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"Se" is a neuter Latin pronoun which refers
to an artificial or juristic entity, such as
a corporation.  

Thus, "Pro Se" means "For It".

If you proceed "Pro Se", you are telling the
court that you are an artificial entity,
or you are there to represent some municipal
franchise, such as federal citizenship.

A much preferred, and procedurally correct,
mode in which to proceed is "In Propria Persona"
which means "In Proper Person" in Latin.  This
language is akin to stating that you are a 
Proper Party [sic].

Confer at "In Propria Persona" in Black's
Law Dictionary.

See examples in the Supreme Law Library,
at the URL just below my name here.

Caveat lector!!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>The thing about all the well intentioned (or at least presumably well
>intentioned) pro se activist is that they some how believe they can wield
>legitimate law against all the forces arrayed that perpetrate and
>promulgate illegitimate law.
>But this whole concept is illogical on its face. Illegitimate tyrannical
>force is simply not in the habit of giving sway to lofty minded rebuke or
>polite or civil illustration of the error of its way.
>Much, if not most (and perhaps all), of the illegitimate law that has come
>into being today has done so as a result of deliberate (that means
>intentional) subversion of legitimate law. So those who have the deliberate
>intention to turn legitimate law on its head and supplant it with
>illegitimate law (and ultimately just plain old ruthless fiat), are not too
>likely to all of a sudden start paying heed and respect to uncomfortable
>reminders of what is the actual legitimate law.
>If an issue being pushed by some pro se is not of too great a consequence,
>then yeah they might have occasional success around the edges. But anything
>of consequence and the opposition, if necessary, is likely to resort to any
>and all tactics necessary to continue to see that their reign of tyranny
>prevails. In such an atmosphere it won't matter the least how correct and
>righteous are the legal arguments of the pro se activist. The era of when
>court cases could be used to reform and agitate against illegitimate
>corruption of the law is long since passed. We are now in an era of
>ruthless prevalence at any cost and through any means.
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