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To: Mike Moxley <mmoxley@foto.infi.net>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Stand in the Gap gathering in Washington
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>What do you think of the Stand in the Gap gathering in Washington this
>I'm going to go with my son.  I'm curious how the press will report it
>compared to the million man march.

I only learned of it recently, and I don't
exactly know why that is the case.  I wish
you safe travel, and a most memorable
experience.  Please tell your son about
the Supreme Law Library ("SLL") at URL:


He may need your help to understand
much of the material which is posted 
there, but it will be a great exercise
for the two of you to share (depending
on his age and prior experience with 
this difficult subject matter).

SLL has been approved by a group which
rates websites for content acceptable
to home schoolers.  Also, show him
our standard Eudora "signature" below, and
see if he can figure out the symbolism
of the numbers "01" thru "13".  

Answer: 13 stripes on the American flag,
13 original colonies, and 13 present
at the Last Supper.  It is also a prime

The horizontal line reflects the bottom
edge of the star field, and it is also
the bottom edge of the Parties of Interest
on the cover page of most court pleadings.
If you squint your eyes, so you are not
focusing on the text, you will see the
American flag peering right back at you 
(no gold fringe!)

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>I also enjoy reading your L&J posts.

Thanks very much.  

We appreciate your kindness here.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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