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To: "Watts, William (HT-EX)" <WWatts@NLvl.com>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Opportunities To Get IRS Questions Answered! (fwd)

Bill et al.,

I have taken the liberty of forwarding
this message to all clients of the
Supreme Law School.  

Many thanks!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 08:13 AM 10/2/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>>>Dear Fellow Patriot:
>>>>This e-mail was sent to me with a request that I forward it.  I have
>>>>made some slight edits but have maintained the original intent.  The
>>>>original sender was GaryArt1@aol.com.  He writes:
>>>>Yesterday, after reading the AP Press release where Newt Gingrich
>>>>called for a "dramatic reduction in the IRS employment staff", I re-filed 
>>>>my Claim for Release of Erroneous Notice of Tax Lien\Levy with the 
>>>>IRS and Congressman Gingrich's Marietta, Georgia office.
>>>>Later the next day I received a very polite call from one of Mr.
>>>>Gingrich's staff  members (Margaret Kruger) informing me that 
>>>>Mr. Gingrich's is inviting people like me to attend a Saturday, 
>>>>November 1st,1997 Town Meeting to air our complaints and  
>>>>problems in dealing with the IRS and to have a opportunity
>>>>to ask questions about the present Income Tax Laws and 
>>>>system of enforcement..
>>>>I told Ms. Kruger, not only would I be there with my questions but I
>>>>would also download this notice to everyone that I knew so they could 
>>>>attend and present their questions and related problems dealing with 
>>>>I.ndividual R.epresenting S.atan too.  I will advise Lindsey Springer 
>>>>(Bondage Breaker Ministries*) of this meeting in the hopes that he can 
>>>>attend too and recommend that we get organized with a systematic list 
>>>>of pointed questions to further expose the IRS fraudulent and miscarriage 
>>>>of justice.
>>>>I will contact Ms. Kruger at (770) 565-6398 and request that Newt have
>>>>the IRS Atlanta District Director Nelson A. Brooke in attendance also on
>>>>Nov. 1st, along  with U.S. District Attorney Kent Alexander.  Maybe
>>>>the two of them, they can answer the questions like the following:
>>>>What law requires a citizen of the sovereign state of Georgia to file a
>>>>Form 1040? 
>>>>Please name the act of Congress that created the IRS? 
>>>>Please show me a valid OMB number for form 1040?
>>>>If Georgia residents have no federal income, should they not file, file
>>>>the form 1040 or file form 2555 ("Foreign Earned Income")?
>>>>Please show us the implementing regulations in the CFR for Title 26,
>>>>Why does the IRS use Commerce Clause Authority to penalized and jail us
>>>>for Income Tax (non Commerce violations)?
>>>>Doesn't  an IMF code of 01 mean that I am not required to file a form
>>>>Doesn't the 16 Amendment limit the Federal Government's taxing
>>>>authority to Interstate Commerce Activities with the words "from among 
>>>>the several states"?
>>>>What is the Supreme Court's definition of the words "from among the
>>>>several states" prior to the 16 Amendment?
>>>>Did anything happen to change that definition after the passage of the
>>>>16 Amendment?  
>>>>(The Big One) Are not Federal Reserve Notes ( Dollars) obligations of
>>>>the U.S.
>>>>Government and as such notes?  Are they not, therefore, exempt from and
>>>>state and federal taxation?  Can we lawfully be taxed just because we hold
>>>>worthless notes of U.S. debts?
>>>>Do you get the picture?  Call Newt in about 10 days to get the Cobb
>>>>County location and time..  Until then, spread the news like that great
>>>>patriot Paul Revere but don't use a horse this time.. Use the web, 
>>>>telephone or fax!!!
>>>>For The Love of America and What It Strives to Be!!!
>>>>Gary Goldman
>>Forwarded by:
>>Bill Watts
>>The jury has a right to judge both the 
>>law as well as the fact in controversy.
>>John Jay, first Chief Justice, U.S. 
>>Supreme Court, in Georgia v. Brailsford, 
>>To consider the judges as the 
>>ultimate arbiters of all constitutional 
>>questions is a very dangerous 
>>doctrine indeed, and one which 
>>would place us under the despotism 
>>of an oligarchy. - Thomas Jefferson 
>>If we can prevent the government from 
>>wasting the labors of the people under 
>>the pretense of caring for them, the 
>>people will be happy. - Thomas Jefferson
>>The Libertarian Party:

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