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Subject: SLS: UN Human Rights Commission (fwd)

>Source: US News & World Report
>Date:   October 6, 1997, page 13
>Under scrutiny
>In an unprecedented mission on American soil, a United Nations human rights
>expert who investigates executions deemed arbitrary will examine America's
>use of the death penalty as well as violence and killings by police.  Over a
>two-week period ending in early October, the expert will be meeting local,
>state and federal officials, death row inmates, scholars, and others in a
>half-dozen US cities, including the nation's capital, New York City, and Los
>Angeles.  While the investigator -- a Senegalese lawyer -- has Washington's
>permission to examine possible violations of international human rights law
>inside the United States, some rights activists, particularly Human Rights
>Watch, complain that the federal government has not made the mission a high
>priority.  The investigator will report his findings and recommendations for
>action to the UN Human Rights Commission in the spring.  Then the US
>government will have its opportunity to respond.

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