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Subject: SLS: Class Action Interlocutory Appeals (fwd)
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>From: "Michael C. Zusman" <mczlaw@teleport.com>
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>Subject: Class Action Interlocutory Appeals
>At 09:27 AM 10/2/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>The Judicial Conference of the United States has approved a new rule
>>governing class actions.  Rule 23(f) would be created under the proposed
>>amendment.  This amendment to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure would
>>allow immediate appeal of a trial court's decision certifying or denying a
>>If approved by the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress, the amendment will take
>>effect December 1, 1998.
>IMHO, another bad idea engendered by perceived abuses by the "fraud on the
>market" and mass tort crowd.  
>Interlocutory appeals are a pain for all the reasons elucidated in the
>general case law (piecemeal litigation, etc.).  Giving them an official
>sanction in the class action context is a political palliative
>disproportionately benefitting big corporate interests.  
>Having said that, one can understand why the Judicial Conference (Supreme
>Court and Congress) might go for such a measure in light of class actions
>in which the average "victim" gets about 69 cents and the firms supposedly
>acting for the interests of victims rake in millions, often times at a huge
>multiple of lodestar.
>I am a plaintiffs' securities attorney and have done a bit of class action
>work myself, but have about had it with the Milberg Weiss and Bernstein
>Litowitz types who have a fraud on the market class action complaint
>whipped out and filed before the proverbial ink is dry on that 5% stock
>price drop.  
>A more honest (and direct) solution to perceived abuses in the class action
>context might be to limit fraud on the market actions in some way or to
>limit fee recoveries associated with them.  As for mass torts, that is not
>my area, and perhaps others can speak to that.
>Of course, if I am off base and the change of law has a completely
>different rationale, please disregard my diatribe.  [Off soap box]
>Very truly yours,
>Michael C. Zusman
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