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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS:  Substitute W-8 Form

W-8's are for banks, S&L's, credit unions,
and other financial institutions, not the IRS.

I once succeeded in getting both Bank of America
and Wells Fargo Bank in California to accept them, 
in lieu of a SSN.  The accounts they opened did
NOT have SSN's in their computer database.

You must, however, open ONLY accounts which do not
bear interest, otherwise the bank will report
interest to the IRS.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

What follows here is a slightly updated version of the
Substitute W-8 Form which appears in Appendix "L" of 
"The Federal Zone: Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue,"
electronic seventh edition:

                      [Substitute W-8 Form]
This document  replaces/supersedes any/all  previous declarations
of status  by John  Q. Doe  and it  is to be used as my NOTICE OF
ab initio,  as it relates to any previous W-4, W-8, W-9, etc., as
well as Federal and State information forms or presentments.

California State/Republic )
                          )         ASSEVERATION OF STATUS
County of Marin           )

I, John Q. Doe, state, of Right, my Status as follows:

1.   That I am of lawful age and that I am competent to make this
     Asseveration of Status;

2.   That I  am  a  non-immigrant,  non-naturalized,  nonresident
     alien, non-taxpayer,  natural born  free American, Sovereign
     man and  an inhabitant  of a geographical area in a State of
     the American Union known as the California Republic;

3.   That I  am an American and nonresident alien with respect to
     the "United  States" (i.e.,  the District of Columbia, Guam,
     American Samoa, Virgin Islands, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico,
     etc.) with  no income effectively connected with a "trade or
     business"  (IRC  7701(a)(26))  within  the  "United  States"

4.   That I  have never  knowingly,  willingly,  voluntarily  and
     intentionally  inhabited  the  state  of  the  forum  (Forum
     Contractus in Latin);

5.   That I  have never  been involved  in any  taxable "trade or
     business" activity  under 27  Code  of  Federal  Regulations
     (CFR) pursuant  to commerce in Alcohol, Tobacco Products and
     Firearms, State or Federal;

6.   That this Asseveration is to be used in lieu of Form W-8, as
     suggested by  that Form W-8, specifically:  "Use Form W-8 or
     a  substitute   form  containing   a  substantially  similar
     statement to  tell the  payor ... that you are a nonresident
     alien individual,  foreign entity,  or exempt foreign person
     not subject to certain U.S. information return, reporting or
     backup withholding rules."

The following information is given in lieu of a Form W-8:

     Name:          John Q. Doe
     Location:      c/o general delivery
                    San Rafael [zip code exempt]
                    CALIFORNIA STATE

     Please note:  I do not voluntarily use unqualified ZIP codes
     or other  forms of Federal Identification, e.g., "CA", "TX",
     "FL", etc., because I do not reside inside Government (U.S.)
     Territory or any of its Federal Territories.

     U.S. taxpayer identification number:  not applicable

     See Form  W-8:  "... foreign persons [sic] are not generally
     required to  have a U.S. taxpayer identification number, nor
     are they  subject to  any backup withholding because they do
     not furnish  such a number to a payer or broker."  [Emphasis
     added for purposes of conspicuous notice.]

     You are  hereby ordered  to purge  the "Social  Security  or
     Taxpayer I.D.  Number" as shown on Your "Payer's Request for
     Taxpayer Identification Number" form, if any.

     Check the appropriate space(s) with an "X":

     (   )     For Interest  Payments, I  am not a "U.S. citizen"
               or "U.S. resident";  AND

     (   )     For Broker  Transactions or Barter Exchanges, I am
               an exempt foreign Sovereign man.


The W-8  accompanying this  ASSEVERATION OF STATUS should not and
cannot be attached to this ASSEVERATION OF STATUS but is enclosed
for information purposes only.

NUNC PRO  TUNC, this _____ day of __________, 19____ Anno Domini,
for January 21, 1950 (date of birth),

with explicit reservation all of my unalienable rights
and  without prejudice to any of my unalienable rights,

I, ______________________________________________________________

   (printed name)

state that the foregoing is true in substance and in fact, to the
best of  my knowledge  and belief, and is made in good faith, and
that this asseveration could be used as evidence, and that I have
personal knowledge of the facts stated herein.

             California All-Purpose Acknowledgement

COUNTY OF MARIN                 )

     On the  ________ day  of  ____________,  199_  Anno  Domini,
before me personally appeared John Q. Doe, personally known to me
(or proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence) to be the
Person whose  name is  subscribed to  the within  instrument  and
acknowledged to  me that  he executed  the same in His authorized
capacity, and  that by  His  signature  on  this  instrument  the
Person, or  the entity  upon behalf  of which  the Person  acted,
executed the  instrument.    Purpose  of  Notary  Public  is  for
identification only,  and  not  for  entrance  into  any  foreign

WITNESS my hand and official seal.

Notary Public

At 08:54 PM 10/1/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Take a close look at the form W-8.
>1. Does it have an OMB control number and expiration date in the upper right
>corner? If not, you are not required to file it with the government.
>2. Does it show a warning "Do not send to the IRS" there instead? Why would
>it say this, unless the IRS wants to disavow that they ever received it?
>You should instead read 26 CFR 1.1441-5 and supply a Statement of
>Citizenship in duplicate. Mine says that I am a natural born Sovereign of
>the Kansas republic, and os of these united States of America.
>Get copies of Publication 515, 26 USC 6109, 26 CFR 301.6109(c), 26 USC
>6724(a) and 26 CFR 301.6676-1.
>Approach your (non-statutory) employer and ask him if he knows what the
>proper procedures are for a citizen who does not hae a SSN. Show him that he
>needs to send the duplicate SoC to the Philla office as shown in 26 CFR
>1.1441-5(c) with a letter of transmittal, stating that the worker has no SSN
>and that he has complied with 26 CFR 301.6109(c).
>At the end of the year he sends in a 1099 with an Affidavit of Request and
>Transmittal which states that this worker is a Citizen and has no SSN.
>Do this every year.
>At 05:22 PM 10/1/97 -0400, you wrote:
>> Dear Friends of Freedom & Justice,
>>    A close friend has asked me for advice on filing
>> a substitute form W-8 in lieu of the W-4. He obtained
>> a form from an unknown source and asked me for
>> if the form was sufficient for his purpose. Anyone
>> who can offer some help or advice on using this form
>> would be most appreciated.
>> The information  contained on the form, and signed
>> under penalties of perjury, is as follows:
>>     ***********************************************
>>Sub. Form W-8  Certificate of Foreign Status
>>For Department of the Treasury
>>Internal Revenue Service
>>Current mailing address, if different from permanent
>>address (Include apt. or suite no., or P.O. box if
>>mail is not delivered to street address.)
>>City, town or post office, state, and ZIP code (If
>>foreign address, enter city, province or state,
>>postal code, and country.)
>>Certification.-- I solemnly swear under penalty of
>>perjury, adhering to the laws of the United States
>>of America, that I am an exempt foreign person, not
>>subject to any backup withholding.
>>Signature              Date
>>General Instructions
>>Use Form W-8 or a substitute form containing a
>>substantially similar statement (affidavit) to
>>tell the workplace, payer, mortgage interest
>>recipient, middleman, broker, or barterer that
>>you are an exempt foreign person not subject
>>to backup withholding rules or certain U.S.
>>information return reporting rules.
>>Exempt Foreign Person
>>An exempt foreign person is not required to provide
>>information to his workplace or other payer as to
>>why he or she is exempt from all withholding. The
>>signing of this affidavit (as seen below) is sufficient
>>evidence that he or she is an exempt foreign person
>>within the meaning of Internal Revenue Code. The payer
>>must accept this signed affidavit as being a valid
>>representation of this person's status. Note: All
>>persons are subject to all perjury laws, and may be
>>prosecuted for false statements made on this form.
>>The workplace, or other payer, is completely free
>>from liability when using this form.  The person's
>>signed oath constitutes as acceptance of full
>>responsibility and liability for the accuracy of
>>everything stated herein.
>>U.S. Taxpayer Identification Numbers
>>Internal Revenue laws requires that certain income
>>be reported to the Internal Revenue Service using a
>>U.S. taxpayer identification number (TIN). This number
>>can be a social security number assigned to individuals
>>by the Social Security Administration or an employer
>>identification number assigned to businesses and other
>>entities by the Internal Revenue Service.
>>Exempt foreign persons signing this affidavit are
>>not required to have, or provide to the workplace
>>or other payer, a social security number or other
>>taxpayer identification number.
>>Filing Instructions
>>When To File.---File Form W-8 or substitute form
>>before a payment is made. This form may be used by
>>any person who is exempt from backup withholding.
>>It must be used in place of Form W-4. Note: Do not
>>file a Form W-4 for an exempt foreign person signing
>>this affidavit.
>>Where To File.---File this form with the workplace
>>or other payer who is the withholding agent (see
>>Withholding Agent below).  Keep a copy for your
>>own records.
>>Instructions to Withholding Agents
>>Withholding Agent.---Generally, any person required
>>to withhold tax is a withholding agent. A withholding
>>agent may be an individual, trust, estate, partnership,
>>corporation, government agency, association, or
>>tax-exempt foundation.
>>Retention of Statement.--Keep Form W-8 or substitute
>>form in your records for at least four years following
>>the end of the last calendar year during which the
>>payment is paid or collected. Withholding.---This
>>signed Form W-8 or substitute is an affidavit that
>>this person is exempt from all withholding.  This
>>includes, but is not limited to, federal and state
>>taxes, local taxes, medicare, social security, or
>>any other generally assumed withholding.  This person
>>is to receive a "gross payment" and is personally
>>responsible for any possible tax liabilities.
>>The use of this form does not preclude a person from
>>voluntarily allowing withholding for the payment of
>>medical/dental benefits, investment programs, or any
>>other commodities offered by the withholding agent
>>on a volunteer basis.
>>Note: Exemption from withholding does not necessarily
>>exempt this person from the annual tax liability.
>>  *************************************************
>>Thanks in advance for your input and God bless,
>> patriotz@aol.com (Ted Pedemonti)
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>Unsub info - send e-mail to majordomo@majordomo.pobox.com, with
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>Liberty-and-Justice list-owner is Mike Goldman <whig@pobox.com>

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