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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Dismantle the IRS -- an Earnest Prayer  (fwd)  [corrected]
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Dear Clients and Friends,


We must appreciate that dismantling the IRS
is not all that different from demolishing
all of the major high-rises in every major city
in America.  This analogy is not all that far-fetched,
because all the tallest buildings in America, appear
to be owned and occupied by the major banks now.

When you see "banks", think "babylon", then confer at
"Babylon" in The Revelation.

Certain simple solutions, like sky hooks, or TNT, 
will just not work.  We must learn every engineering 
detail about these buildings, and proceed to dismantle
them, piece by piece, window by window, I-beam by I-Beam.

(The Windows labeled "95" can stick around for a while :)
The task is feasible, but it will also take a formidable, 
even herculean release of physical and intellectual 
energy on our part.

This is THE major reason why Divine Intervention is
THE only source of any good that we do right now.
I can assure you that freedom is God's Will for us all.

Remember this:  

"Ask,   and you shall receive."
"Seek,  and you shall find."
"Knock, and it shall be opened to you."

So, let us now teach each other -- by the best examples
of which we are able.  Please repeat after me,
preferably out loud, in circles where others
can hear you clearly:

"Lord, Most High, we now sincerely seek your immense
 Power to assist us in dismantling this corrupt 
 edifice, which has built itself upon a foundation of
 fraud, and greed, all across this magnificent land.

"Give us the strength, the insight, the fortitude, and
 the will power to stay the course, and ride this
 bronco right into the ground, horns and all.  

"We now know that true freedom is our Birthright -- 
 a breath-taking gift from your infinite bounty, and 
 that You will not hestitate to heal this entire land, now 
 ravished from coast-to-coast, and from border-to-border,
 by every imaginable corruption.  

"Help us, in particular, to find and hasten the final 
 resting place for this hopelessly corrupt, and utterly 
 fraudulent, extortion racket known as the 
 Internal Revenue Service [sic].

"In this, as in all good things, we bow to your eternal
 Laws, now and forever, unto an Age of ages, in the
 name of your most holy Son, the King of kings, the
 Lord of lords, Christ Jesus, our Friend and our Brother.


/s/ Paul Mitchell

>From: "Anderson, Toney" <Toney.Anderson@PSS.Boeing.com>
>To: "'Paul Andrew Mitchell'" [address in tool bar],
>Subject: Can you believe this tripe (and can you distribute it for action)?
>Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 10:01:00 -0700
>I have included the text of HR 2292, the bill to restructure the IRS.
>This is the most condescending, insulting piece of legislation I have
>ever read!
>These guys not only don't have a clue, I don't believe they want one nor
>could recognize one if they saw it. I really love the part about the
>flawed relationship between the IRS and "its parent - the Treasury
>I suppose we should really be grateful we are not getting all the
>government we are paying for.
>Maybe this text is already in the pipeline, I don't know. But if either
>of you two could launch this text into the patriot pipeline, it might
>spur a lot of folks to write their representatives - especially Mr. Rob
>Portman - and let them know that these measures just won't cut it. I
>don't know how to launch this, but I'm sure gonna write.
>Prepared by the Office of Congressman Rob Portman
>H.R. 2292 is bipartisan, bicameral legislation to enact the most
>comprehensive reform of the IRS since 1952. Its goal is to transform the
>troubled IRS into a modern, customer-friendly financial services
>institution that provides world-class taxpayer service and satisfaction.
>It is based on the recommendations of the National Commission on
>Restructuring the IRS, a Congressionally- appointed panel that completed
>a yearlong audit of the IRS in June, 1997. 
>PROBLEM: LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE FOCUS: While the private sector has
>rewritten customer service standards over the last twenty-five years,
>IRS taxpayer service has remained essentially static. Although the vast
>majority of its operations are similar to those of a bank or credit card
>company -- and enforcement brings in only a small percentage of federal
>revenue -- the IRS emphasizes an enforcement mentality over customer
>making customer service the top priority of the organization. Level the
>playing field between taxpayers and the IRS by increasing taxpayer
>rights. Extend filing deadlines to give people more time to prepare
>returns. Provide incentives -- not mandates -- for paperless filing. 
>reforms are implemented and sustained over time, a more accountable and
>effective management structure is needed. The current relationship
>between the IRS and its parent -- the Treasury Department -- is
>fundamentally flawed because it does not provide much needed
>accountability, continuity and expertise. The $4 billion wasted on
>computer modernization is a perfect case study of the deficiencies that
>exist in Treasury's IRS management and oversight. 
>IRS by creating an oversight board -- comprised of citizens with
>relevant experience and Administration officials -- to provide the
>oversight continuity, expertise and accountability that Treasury is
>unable to provide. Change the culture of the IRS by providing the IRS
>Commissioner with a five-year term and the hiring flexibility to bring
>in managers and experts from outside the agency. Streamline
>Congressional oversight of the IRS under the Joint Tax Committee to
>ensure that the agency receives consistent direction from Congress.
>Improve financial management reforms to ensure that the IRS, which
>requires taxpayers to keep balanced books, is able to balance its own. 
>PROBLEM: COMPLEXITY OF THE TAX CODE: Congress and the Administration
>share responsibility for the problems at the IRS, because even the
>best-managed IRS would have an impossible job administering our overly
>complex tax code. 
>SOLUTION: SIMPLIFY THE TAX CODE Procedural changes in Congress to make
>it more difficult to complicate the tax code. Give IRS a real voice in
>the legislative process to comment on the complexity of proposed tax
>legislation for the first time. Until fundamental tax reform can be
>enacted, simplify existing code provisions. 

>Thank you, and have a nice day.
>Toney Anderson
>Telephone 425-237-9447
>Mail Stop 75-32
>E-Mail:  Toney.Anderson@Boeing.com

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