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To: <Pattisons@worldnet.att.net>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: USPS Publication #221

Yes, #221 is a publication of the United States
Postal Service ("USPS").

The postal substation which we use has a sign which reads
"United States Post Office", in large bold letters,
on the outside of the building.  The USPS is a municipal
corporation, domiciled in the District of Columbia.

What we do know now is that the transition to the USPS
created a corporation which financed itself by
selling bonds to -- guess who? -- the international
bankers, who obtained a lien on future postal 
revenues in return for bankrolling this system.

We plan to do a formal, scientific linear regression
on two time-series:  first class postage for 1 ounce,
and the Consumer Price Index ("CPI") during the
exact same periods -- before and after the switch
to a municipal corporation.

Keep watching in the Supreme Law Library for documents
related to this aspect of our research and litigation.
The Kemp case was headed right for this subject matter,
at 90 miles per hour, but unseen forces scuttled that
case.  When you read all the pleadings, you will know why!

Yes, the several states of the Union are, indeed, "foreign"
with respect to the municipal jurisdiction of Congress.
That is why you want to use the format for "foreign addresses"
as defined in Publication #221 because, if they are foreign
with respect to us, then we are foreign with respect to them.

There is reciprocity, and symmetry, in these legal relations.

It is lawful for Congress to create a corporation, but such
a corporation can ONLY be domiciled in the District of 
Columbia.  Congress cannot create a corporation in its
capacity as the Legislature for the entire nation;  such an
act would violate the Tenth Amendment.  See Appendix "A"
in "The Federal Zone" for the pertinent citations, 
particularly the Knox appendix to the winning brief which
is reproduced there.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Supreme Law School, Dale Robertson, Frank Stamos

At 04:17 PM 10/2/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Paul, the problem with USPS is that it is not part of the Federal
>Government, only the United States Post Office is lawful.
>> From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
>> To: Pattisons@worldnet.att.net
>> Subject: SLS: USPS Publication #221
>> Date: Wednesday, October 01, 1997 6:28 PM
>> Dear Steve,
>> Get yourself a copy of USPS Publication #221,
>> and read the paragraphs dealing with foreign
>> addresses [sic].  Your mailing location below
>> is expressed as follows, using the format
>> suggested by Publication #221:
>>   Steven Pattison
>>   10911 Reeder
>>   Overland Park XXXXX [or XXXXX-XXXX]
>> where,
>>   XXXXX        = your 5-digit Postal Zone
>>   XXXXX-XXXX   = your 9-digit Postal Zone
>>   KANSAS STATE = your Union state in ALL CAPS
>> We have modified this recommended format
>> a little bit, to read as follows:
>>   Steven Pattison, Sui Juris
>>   c/o general delivery at:
>>   10911 Reeder [Street/Avenue/Boulevard/etc.]
>>   Overland Park XXXXX/tdc  [or XXXXX-XXXX/tdc]
>> where,
>>   tdc       = threat, duress and coercion
>>   XXXXX-XXX = standard 9-digit Postal Zone
>> Details about "tdc" are available upon request.
>> If you could make a small donation to our library
>> fund, we could load all pertinent documentation
>> into the Supreme Law Library at URL:
>>         http://supremelaw.com
>> We are trying to encourage litigation concerning
>> the historical meaning of "general delivery,"
>> as distinguished from "curb-side" delivery,
>> by appearing to "mix" the two, deliberately.
>> If this "error" should be pointed out to us,
>> in a court room, then we will litigate that
>> point, and get declaratory relief as to the
>> proper method of receiving first class mail,
>> if one is a Citizen of ONE OF the United States 
>> of America who is NOT also a citizen of the
>> United States (read "federal citizen").
>> The currently active hypothesis is that curb-side
>> delivery is an extra "free service" which you can
>> accept, above and beyond delivery of your mail to
>> the nearest post office.  Delivery to the nearest
>> post office has historically been defined as
>> "general delivery" [sic].  But, if you accept this
>> "free service", then you become subject to 
>> federal municipal law, because the USPS is now
>> a municipal corporation.
>> I hope this helps.
>> /s/ Paul Mitchell
>> http://supremelaw.com
>> copy:  Supreme Law School
>> At 06:09 PM 10/1/97 -0500, you wrote:
>> >Dear Senators,
>> >
>> >My name is Steven Pattison.  I inhabit one of the several states by the
>> >name of Kansas.  I would want an answer to the following question in
>> >writing and also by e-mail.
>> >
>> >My e-mail address is -- 	<Pattisons@worldnet.att.net>
>> >My mailing address is --	Steven Pattison
>> >			C/O United States Post Office
>> >			10911 Reeder
>> >			Overland Park, Kansas, zip code exempt.
>> >
>> >My phone number is --	(913) 491-0320.
>> >
>> >	The only reason that I am only asking one question at a time, is
>> >when I have asked more than one in the past, the IRS or my
>> >did not answer any questions.
>> >
>> >	Here is the second question.
>> >
>> >	A  hearing was held, before the Subcommittee of the Committee on Ways
>> >Means, House of Representatives in the Eighty-third Congress, in the
>> >session on Administration of the Internal Revenue Laws.  It was held
>> >between February 3, 1958 and February 13, 1958.  A Dwight E. Avis
>> >under oath and he was the head of Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Division,
>> >of Internal Revenue.  The congressional records printed the following:
>> >
>> >	Mr. Curtis.  An alcohol tax matter that would go to the Appeals Section
>> >---------
>> >
>> >	Mr. Avis.  There is just no such thing.  That is where this structure
>> >differs.  Let me point this out now:  Your income tax is 100 percent
>> >voluntary tax, and your liquor tax is 100 percent enforced tax.  Now,
>> >situation is as different as day and night.  Consequently, your same
>> >just will not apply, and therefore the alcohol and tobacco tax has been
>> >handled here in this reorganization a little differently, because of the
>> >very nature of it, then the rest of the over-all tax problem.
>> >
>> >	What part of "Your income tax is 100 percent voluntary tax" do you not
>> >understand?
>> >
>> >	To understand this term "voluntary compliance", separate the two words
>> >time. The voluntary act always precedes the requirement of compliance. 
>> >
>> >	To volunteer means just that.  It is the act of self-assessment.  The
>> >does not and cannot mandate self-assessment.  In other words, there is
>> >requirement to volunteer wages as income. 
>> >
>> >	I have more question. 
>> >
>> >	I have been a series 7 license Stock Broker, Estate Tax Planner and
>> >Financial Planner for over 25 years until I got the Gulf War Illness
>> > Everyone needs to get a copy of the LA Times, March 9, 1997.  It says
>> >the GWI is contagious.
>> >
>> >Sincerely,
>> >
>> >/S/ Steven Pattison.
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