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>Some pundits claim the current Clinton campaign funding scandal
>does not involve much.  The truth, minus the spin doctors, is
>quite different.  The PRC makes no secret of the fact that it is
>building a modern military production capability.  The ultimate
>goal of such production is to deploy tactical and strategic
>forces far in excess of China's current capabilities.  The recent
>revelations of PRC involvement in US political affairs at the
>highest level has shown the first step on this goal of global
>domination comes with a modern, nuclear missile force.
>The export of advanced US technology directly to the PRC, in
>particular super-computers, has allowed China to begin the
>necessary nuclear modernization.  The extraordinary loosening of
>controls on military-sensitive supercomputers has resulted in
>the sale of 46 supercomputers rated at 2,000 MTOPS and above to
>China.  The first key element toward Chinese domination is the
>design of small, nuclear warheads.  The only way to design these
>warheads is through the use of super-computers.
>According to Congressman Hyde, "The decision to loosen U.S.
>controls on supercomputers was made in spite of the opposition
>of a number of Defense Department staff experts, senior military
>and intelligence officials, and Members of Congress. It was
>justified by a report commissioned and paid for by the
>Department of Commerce using outside consultants supplied by
>political appointees at the Department of Defense.  The contract
>for the report was awarded noncompetitively to a well-known
>opponent of export controls.  Viewed in the context of recent
>revelations about Chinese efforts to influence the U.S.
>political scene, the significant policy changes that have been
>pursued in this area bring into question the Administration's
>motives for decontrol."
>And where was the NSA?  The agency charged with watching over
>the computer systems of America.  Did they stand idle while
>super-computers flowed out of the US like water?  Absolutely
>not.  The NSA wanted China to get the super-computers.  On the
>eve of the first Sino/American summit since the Tienneman square
>massacre, the White House got the thumbs up from NSA Director
>McConnell.  Thus, armed with the NSA okay, President Clinton
>approved China's long standing request to buy a super high
>technology computer, supposedly for exclusively non military
>  "Our recent agreement to a relaxation of export controls on
>   telecommunications and supercomputers should enable U.S.
>   industry to expand markets for these goods and retain its
>   competitive edge in these critical technologies for the
>   future."
>   11/15/93 NSA Director Adm. McConnell to Commerce Secretary
>   Ron Brown.
>As the U.S. and our Asian allies enter the next century we may
>very well be looking at over 1,000 modern, nuclear tipped,
>missiles in the hands of the Beijing dictators.  The US
>continues to stand down aging strategic forces without
>replacement.  We follow treaties with a country that no longer
>exists.  As the last B-52s leave service, over a half century
>after they first flew, we will realize there is nothing to
>replace them.
>1 if by land, 2 if by sea.  Paul Revere - encryption 1775
>Charles R. Smith
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