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Subject: SLS: Dismantle the IRS -- an Earnest Prayer  (fwd)  [corrected]

I believe that "Babylon" is the computer-based
worldwide banking system which is being assembled,
but then, I am not a biblical scholar.  

Do you have an authority for this meaning of
"cathedral"?  That would be a gorgeous metaphor:
the tall, gleaming glass edifices, in all the
major downtowns, are actually described as
"cathedrals" in The Revelation.

That's rich!!

Mankind builds huge monuments to the objects of 
their worship.  In the Middle Ages, it was the
Sistine Chapel;  at the close of the 20th 
Century, it is the Federal Reserve Note.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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><<When you see "banks", think "babylon", then confer at
>"Babylon" in The Revelation.>>
>**I thought the banks were "cathedrals"
>Michael Smith

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