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Subject: SLS: COSCO is coming! (fwd)

This is great stuff.  I sense a "crown fire" 
if the Citizens of Long Beach do not succeed
in stopping a Red Chinese beachhead, in one
of the finest all-weather ports in the world.

We have COSCO step ladders and other misc. junk 
in the local hardware store in Tucson, Arizona!
I want to throw up, every time I walk by that
aisle in the store.

Thanks for this update!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

p.s. A "crown fire" is a forest fire which races
across the tree tops;  they are almost impossible to
douse, with conventional fire-fighting techniques.

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At 11:13 PM 10/2/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I thought I would let you and others know that there has been such an 
>outrage from the citizens of Long Beach regarding this issue.  Having 
>frequenting the base on a number of occasions and a local PBS special 
>about the base, by Hewell Howser [he's from Tennessee], the citizens 
>of Long Beach are IRATE to say the least.
>Dan Greeson will back me on this.  This facility has the makings of a 
>junior college.  Lots of greenery, nice buildings, new pool, fire 
>station, brig, recently refurbished gymnasium and ocean access.  The 
>politico's in Long Beach were going to build a new senior center with 
>tax dollars and were the people outraged after seeing the waste that 
>would happen instead of utilizing this fine facility.  A tar and 
>feathering was going to take place.
>The Base Commander had a party after the closing ceremonies and thanks 
>to Hewell, a lot of people came out who have never been there before. 
> The people were highly upset over the plans to turn it into one big 
>parking lot.
>Since the Fed's have signed-off the base to the City of Long Beach, 
>Bill can whistle, hem, haw or dance a jig, but the Fed's ain't going 
>to get it back.
>On Thu, 2 Oct 1997, Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar] wrote:
>>Ladies and Gentlemen of America,
>>This development is very ominous, if only because we
>>have good reason to believe that the Red Chinese fully
>>intend to import arms, troops, and heavy military equipment
>>through this port-of-entry, which has access to one
>>of the finest highway and rail systems in the world,
>>and to transport same to de-commissioned, yet stil active,
>>American military bases. Please do whatever you can 
>>to stop this covert invasion.  If this is our moment 
>>to draw a line in the sand, then so be it.
>>Thank you.
>>/s/ Paul Mitchell
>>>                 PLEASE CIRCULATE WIDELY
>>>COSCO (China Ocean Shipping Company) is a wholly-owned 
>>>arm of the Chinese People's Army. With the active help of the 
>>>Clinton administration,  it is actively trying to secure a long term
>>>lease that will  give it control of the former U.S. naval base at 
>>>Beach, California.
>>>Legislation has been introduced in the Congress to prevent this 
>>>transaction from taking place. Incredibly, this legislation is being
>>>blocked because of concerted action by Senator James R. Inhofe
>>>(Republican, Oklahoma) and Senator Charles Robb (Democrat, 
>>>Inhofe is the Chairman of the Committee through which the 
>>>must pass.
>>>The proposed lease is an obvious threat to the security of the 
>>>of the United States. Both Senators should hear from as many people 
>>>possible, as soon as possible. Here are a number of ways to contact
>>>Senator James R. Inhofe 
>>>United States Senate
>>>Washington, DC 20510
>>>E-mail address: None listed
>>>FAX number: 1-202-228-0380.
>>>Voice Number: 1-202-224-4721
>>>Web Page: http://www.senate.gov/~inhofe/
>>>Senator Charles Robb
>>>United States Senate
>>>Washington, DC 20510
>>>E-mail address: senator_robb@robb.senate.gov and 
>>>FAX Number: 1-202-224-8689
>>>Voice Number: 1-202-224-4024
>>>Web Page: http://www.senate.gov/~robb/
>>>Please contact both Senators as soon as possible and make them aware
>>>of your views on this vital subject.
>>>Frank Brady
>>>Executive Director
>>>Coalition for an American Future
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