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>Texas Review Society
>2002-A Guadalupe, #284
>Austin, TX 78705
>Fax:  (512) 478-0005
>September 27, 1997                            Contact: Marc Levin
>For Immediate Release                         (512) 478-0752,
>Texas Review Society Unveils The Austin Review Website
>        Austin - The Texas Review Society proudly announces the launching 
>of the website for The Austin Review.  The site is located at 
>www.austinreview.com and features the full text of articles from the 
>paper's inaugural issue.  The site also boasts attractive graphics and a 
>module by which visitors can send electronic correspondence to the paper 
>and its leadership.
>        Marc Levin, Editor-in-Chief, said "I am delighted that our new 
>website will offer the citizens of Austin and the world another way to 
>access our message of free markets and personal responsibility. Even 
>better, the interactive capabilities of our website empower visitors to 
>give us their feedback to our articles.  All of us at The Austin Review 
>are looking forward to the increased community participation that this 
>will facilitate."
>          The Texas Review Society is also happy to announce that the 
>second issue of The Austin Review will be released on Friday, October 3. 
>Levin added, "We are delighted with the response we have received to our 
>first issue and are pleased that the second edition will include 
>contributions by many talented individuals who have been added to our 
>staff since the first issue."
>        The Austin Review covers politics, sports, and entertainment and 
>includes news stories, commentaries, and illustrations. The Austin 
>welcomes letters to the editor, article submissions, and all other 
>correspondence. The Austin Review is published by the Texas Review 
>Society, a tax-exempt educational organization that gladly accepts 
>tax-deductible contributions from people interested in furthering the 
>cause of freedom. 
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