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And, of course, there are American racketeers
who are understudies of such lucrative Chinese

/s/ Paul Mitchell

> (EW)(PENTHOUSE) Highlights From the November Penthouse:
> Chinese Takeout:  Prisoners Executed to Become Organ Donors 
>   Entertainment Editors
>   NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE) -- Sept. 24, 1997 -- The Chinese 
>government is at the center of a lucrative organ industry, supplied 
>by executed prisoners who are executed so that doctors may take their
>organs and transplant them into wealthy patients.  The bizarre organ 
>transplant system, which is run virtually along the lines of a modern
>business, is uncovered in an investigative report in the November 
>issue of Penthouse.  The magazine says China is systematically 
>killing prisoners -- up to 3,000 a year -- and then selling their 
>kidneys, corneas, hearts and other organs to high ranking Chinese 
>civil servants or wealthy foreigners.  
>   Reporter Catherine Field quotes sources such as Human Rights 
>Watch in her story.  She says more than 100 Chinese hospitals are 
>participating in the scheme, which is run by provincial or regional 
>governments or the People's Liberation Army.  They run clinics that 
>charge $25,000 to $30,000 for the operation and aftercare.  Doctors 
>who refer patients to the scheme also are paid a fee.  China has 
>devised sophisticated systems to keep harvested organs in tiptop 
>condition before they are transplanted.  In the days before an 
>execution, a prisoner's normally meager rations of rice and watery 
>soup are replaced by good meals and the would-be donors get complete 
>medical treatment.  
>   Reporter Field says that in Guangdong province, which has a 
>growing number of big-spending foreign customers, "there have been 
>three cases of prisoners who were still alive when put on the 
>operating table."  
>   On one occasion, "a surgeon was removing a kidney from a 
>patient -- a person who had been executed and proclaimed brain dead 
>-- when the 'corpse' grabbed the doctor's arm."  She says the source 
>for the story was the doctor himself, "still traumatized several 
>months after the incident."  (Page 22, interview available with 
>reporter Catherine Field) 

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