Time: Fri Aug 22 03:14:58 1997
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 03:10:49 -0700
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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in toolbar]
Subject: SLF: demand to Morrison & Heckler

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TO:       John Oppedahl, CEO, Phoenix Newspapers, Inc.
          Frank G. Long, Unregistered Foreign Agent
          Morrison & Hecker, L.L.P., Attorneys at Law
          2800 North Central Avenue, Suite 1600
          Phoenix 85004-1047/tdc
          tel: (602) 279-1600
          fax: (602) 240-6925

FROM:     Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
          Counselor at Law

DATE:     August 21, 1997

SUBJECT:  Please Turn Off the Pressure!


Dear Frank:

I have  received your fax communication yesterday.  I honestly do
not agree  with you  when you  say that  it is "essential" that I
sign your  proposed Settlement  Agreement by  Friday  noon  (i.e.
tomorrow).   Since I  have not  even read  it, I  am not  in  any
position to  cite provisions  which justify  such  haste.    Your
"deadline" is artificial and contrived, at best.

You are  quite wrong  to conclude  that I  am not  serious  about
resolving our  "dispute" amicably.    On  the  contrary,  I  have
already gone  way out  of my way to explain our situation, and to
take steps  to ensure  that your position is also recognized.  If
what you say is true (and it is not true), I would not have taken
the initiative  to begin  editing our  huge database  in honor of
your request.

I fail  to see where such excessive pressure tactics are going to
get you  what you want, unless there is, indeed, some real hidden
agenda grounding your intentions.

What are your true and complete intentions, Mr. Long?

Is it the original Thirteenth Amendment?

Is it the all important difference between the USDC and the DCUS?

Are you,  in fact,  colluding with staff of the federal judiciary
in Phoenix  and/or Tucson,  and with  the Pima  County  Attorneys
office in  Tucson, to  impede, halt,  obstruct, or compromise the
services we are obligated to deliver to our clients?

If you  are, then  you may  be putting  yourself in a position of
liability for  obstructing justice.  But, as a licensed attorney,
you don't need me to be telling you these things, do you?

I can  honestly say  to  you  that  I  have  already  made  major
commitments to  more than  one client,  to complete their work as
soon as  possible, and  hopefully before  the end of the business
day on  Friday (tomorrow).   In light of their paramount needs, I
worked all  last weekend  on the  editing which  I  have  already
described to you.  This good faith on my part is, evidently, just
not enough for you.  This saddens me deeply.

If you  persist in  pressuring  me  in  the  way  that  you  have
yesterday, I  would have to regard such pressure as an attempt by
you deliberately to impede the delivery of essential professional
services to clients who are facing imminent incarceration, by the
same hostile  federal judiciary  with  which  you  appear  to  be
colluding and  conspiring.  Is this only an appearance, Mr. Long,
or are  you in  fact colluding with the offices of Mr. Richard H.
Weare in  Phoenix and  Tucson, and  with the  office of  the Pima
County Attorney in Tucson?

You do  not have  any right to impair the obligations of my prior
contracts, in  particular  because  all  licensed  attorneys,  as
officers of  the courts  in which  they are admitted to practice,
must be  able to  demonstrate that  they have  taken an  oath  to
support the  U.S. Constitution.   Have  you?   I have no contract
with you  or Phoenix Newspapers, Inc., verbal or written, at this
point in time;  and, furthermore, if you do not immediately begin
to demonstrate  at least a gram of professional consideration for
my prior commitments and obligations, I will take your refusal in
this regard as seriously as possible.

My clients  have a  fundamental Right to counsel of their choice,
under the Sixth Amendment, and you now given me cause to conclude
that you  are more  than willing  to interfere with my priorities
and obligations  to these  clients.  This is a violation of their
fundamental right  to effective  assistance of  Counsel  and,  as
such, it  constitutes probable cause to charge you with violating
18 U.S.C. 242 -- deprivation of fundamental Rights under color of
law --  and possibly  also 18 U.S.C. 241 -- conspiracy to deprive
fundamental Rights.   This  is a fair gentleman's warning to you,
Mr. Long.

Since you have failed to demonstrate any specific reason why your
artificial deadline  warrants a  total upheaval in my crowded and
pressing  schedule,  I  must  politely  demand  hereby  that  you
immediately cease  and desist  any further  pressure tactics.   I
think you know exactly what I am talking about here.  I certainly
hope that you don't make a habit of such unethical behavior.

If you  do not  understand exactly  what I am talking about here,
please advise  in writing,  and I  will elaborate in excruciating
detail, but  only after my other pressing obligations are met, in
a timely and professional manner.

I will look forward to your immediate cooperation in this regard.
Please fax me evidence of your oath of office, no later than noon
on Monday  next (August  25, 1997).   That  gives you  the  whole
weekend to locate it.  If you do not, I will proceed on the basis
of probable  cause that you are not who you say you are, and that
you fully  intend to  continue,  and  to  foster,  a  program  of
intentional  harassment,   misrepresentation,   and   retaliation
against a  known federal  witness, in deliberate and premeditated
violation of 18 U.S.C. 1512 & 1513.  Again, you have been warned.

Thank you  for obeying  American Law  never repealed.   I  really
don't want  to fight  with you,  Mr. Long,  but I will fight if I
must and if you give me no other alternative.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Mitchell

Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Counselor at Law and federal witness
c/o 2509 N. Campbell Avenue, #1776
Tucson 85719/tdc
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