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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLF: email policy
Cc: TWStough@aol.com


We have 4 tiers of email lists:

Tier 1:  paid subscribers to the Supreme Law School ("SLS")
         (most frequent recipients)

Tier 2:  "Friends", who get occasional broadcasts
         (less frequent that SLS)

Tier 3:  "Contact Master" (an experiment in merging 
         email addresses from all sources)

Tier 4:  "Press Master" for all press releases
         and similar announcements to media

You are probably on our "Contact Master" list.

Tier 3 is being minimized, due to our new policy
about "blind copies" and email privacy.  

The "boilerplate" message which we send out 
is appended to the end of this message (infra).

I have added you to "Friends".  Just let me know
if and when you want to be removed.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Supreme Law School

p.s.  "SLF" means Supreme Law Firm

At 06:30 PM 9/9/97 -0400, you wrote:
> Terry,  
>  BTW, the lady that carried phase one back to Atlanta that I told you about
>last week. She just informed me her husband is an enrolled agent with the 
>IRS. She said he will be very interested to see the phase two + the letters
>from Schiabach that I gave to her last night. I hope we have awakened another
>to break out of the mold ! I send him alot of info re: tyrrany.
>  Paul, Did I somehow get deleted from your list ? Haven't heard from you
>lately other than what Dot has sent out. Keep me on your list as I always
>much re : standing up to tyrrany !! Thanks !
>  Gods Blessings on you both, keep fightin,
>joe 6pk Plunging a New Whirrled Odor !!

[begin boilerplate]

Dear Friend,

With this message, we are launching a voluntary
program to improve privacy on the Internet, and
reduce the quantity of unwanted email which we
all receive.  We are staunch advocates of
self-government -- the best form of government!

We have decided to focus this effort on the
frequent use of email lists which are visible
to the recipient.  In Eudora Pro, this is done
by pasting a list of email addresses into the "Cc:"
field of a message.  See example(s) below.

Eudora Pro, like other modern email programs,
also has a blind copy feature, which is found 
in the "Bcc:" field instead.  This feature has
the result of suppressing the entire list, 
instead of displaying it to the recipient.
We used this feature to send this message to you.

Our voluntary effort now is to encourage people
like yourself to switch to blind copies, if and
when you decide to broadcast any message to 
a list of recipients.

As part of this program, we are also recommending
that list server software be modified, so that
the sender's email address is NOT displayed in
messages which are distributed to everyone on
any given email list.  This feature of list servers
would be the "default," which could be changed
by the user, but ONLY by the user.

If you have received what you might regard as
"unwanted" email from us recently, it is most
likely because your email address (and name)
were sent to us in a "Cc:" field.  

Please consider switching to blind copies, 
and pass this message along to your contacts 
who are adding your email address to their "Cc:" 
fields as well.

Thanks very much!

/s/ Paul Mitchell
Counselor at Law 

p.s.  Privacy is a fundamental Right.
See the Privacy Act for authority.

[end boilerplate]

Paul Andrew Mitchell                 : Counselor at Law, federal witness
B.A., Political Science, UCLA;  M.S., Public Administration, U.C. Irvine

tel:     (520) 320-1514: machine; fax: (520) 320-1256: 24-hour/day-night
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website: http://www.supremelaw.com   : visit the Supreme Law Library now
ship to: c/o 2509 N. Campbell, #1776 : this is free speech,  at its best
             Tucson, Arizona state   : state zone,  not the federal zone
             Postal Zone 85719/tdc   : USPS delays first class  w/o this

As agents of the Most High, we came here to establish justice.  We shall
not leave, until our mission is accomplished and justice reigns eternal.
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