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Subject: SLS:  The Real Codes (the ones that matter)

>          The Hidden Codes in the Bible by Roy A. Reinhold
>Recently, THE BIBLE CODE, a book by Michael Drosnin burst on to the 
>scene, proposing that there are hidden coded texts recording all of 
>history in the Hebrew textus receptus (the Masoretic text) of the 
>Torah. Already, THE BIBLE CODE has reached number 5 on the New York 
>Times bestseller list. In view of the findings, the Bible can be 
>viewed as a 3-D hologram with the surface text as the outside layer 
>and the hidden texts found at equidistant letter spacing (ELS) on the 
>inside layers. A computer program is available to search for words 
>with up to 500 spaces between letters in the surface text.
>Previously, Grant Jeffrey had touched on many of the same findings in 
>THE BIBLE CODE in his book, THE SIGNATURE OF GOD (1996, chapters 10 & 
>11). Also, Yacov Rambsel had been finding (by hand) the name "Yeshua" 
>embedded under the messianic prophecies in the Old Testament 
>(Tanakh), in his 1996 book, YESHUA, THE NAME OF JESUS REVEALED IN THE 
>Yacov Rambsel is a Messianic Jewish pastor in San Antonio, Texas, who 
>searched the Hebrew texts for a couple of decades by hand without the 
>aid of a computer. He found the term "Yeshua is my name" under the 
>text of Isaiah 53:10 using every 20th letter. Isaiah 53:10 is about 
>the suffering Messiah, and for our Jewish friends, how fortunate that 
>God our Father embedded the name of the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) there 
>for all to find. Another example is Zechariah 11:12, where the 
>surface text prophesies the price that Judas would eventually receive 
>for his act of betrayal, 30 pieces of silver. Underneath the surface 
>text at a spacing of 24 letters is the name hidden, "Yeshua". Many 
>more examples are given throughout the book, YESHUA, THE NAME OF 
>While there are dedicated scholars like Yacov Rambsel, who would 
>labor for decades to find a few of these hidden codes, the use of the 
>computer speeds up the process immensely. For example, using the skip 
>sequencing software, one could find all the examples where the name 
>"Yeshua" is hidden under the surface text, in about 15 minutes. This 
>is more than someone by hand could find in a lifetime of diligent 
>searching. By the way, if you know Hebrew, you can purchase a 
>commercial version of the skip sequencing software from an Israeli 
>software company with the Hebrew Torah in the correct form included. 
>Grant Jeffrey sells the software on his website for $99.95 (includes 
>s&h), titled, TORAH CODES software (DOS, Windows & Mac versions 
>available). Torah Educational Software sells the TORAH CODES software 
>online for $79.95 (plus s&h).
>Dr. Eliyahu Rips, a renowned Israeli mathematician, found the codes 
>along with Doron Witzum and Yoav Rosenberg and published a peer 
>reviewed paper in the Statistical Science Journal (1994, Volume 9, 
>No. 3, pages 429-438), titled, EQUIDISTANT LETTER SEQUENCES IN THE 
>BOOK OF GENESIS. The journal spent considerable time having the 
>findings fully tested before they published the research article. 
>Since then, they've found that the hidden codes are throughout all 
>the books of the Tanakh, in the original Hebrew.
>One test they ran was to pick out the names of the 66 Rabbis with the 
>longest write-ups in the Jewish Encyclopedia. All 66 names were found 
>embedded in the book of Genesis, along with either their birth date 
>or date of death. In the review process for publication, Professor 
>Harold Gans, a US cryptographic code-breaker expert, re-ran the 
>experiment looking for the name of the city in which each of the 66 
>rabbis was known for, and found the name of the city hidden along 
>with the name and date for each Rabbi. The odds against finding these 
>hidden codes were over 10 million to one.
>Another example given in the book, THE BIBLE CODE, is to look for the 
>name Hitler. They found it, and close by to the term "Hitler" were 
>the terms "evil man", "Nazi and enemy", and "slaughter". "In Germany" 
>was found embedded near the terms, "Nazis" and "Berlin". The term 
>"Eichmann" was found embedded with the terms, "the ovens" and 
>"extermination". The term "Zyklon-B" the gas used to kill the Jews 
>was found embedded near the term "Eichmann". I should tell you that 
>the author of the book, THE BIBLE CODE, Michael Drosnin, is an 
>agnostic, and is a former reporter for the Washington Post and Wall 
>Street Journal. Dr. Eliyahu Rips is a practicing Orthodox Jew in 
>Israel. So none of the people working on THE BIBLE CODES is a 
>believer in Jesus.
>They found embedded in the Bible codes, both assassinations of the 
>Kennedy's along with their assassins and other information. They 
>found the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin of Israel with the 
>date and the last name of his killer, Amir. Very amazing don't you 
>They did a test looking for the name "Shakespeare" and found it 
>embedded with the terms "presented on stage", "Macbeth", and "Hamlet" 
>nearby. They found the names "Beethoven" and "Johann Bach" and nearby 
>both is the term "German composer". "Mozart" is found embedded near 
>the terms "music" and "composer". "Wright Brothers" are encoded near 
>the term "airplane". "Edison" is encoded near the terms "electricity" 
>and "lightbulb". "Marconi" is embedded near the term "radio". I'm 
>giving all of these examples to show you the immensity of this find, 
>history recorded in the Bible codes over 3000 years ago. This is no 
>fluke or fake finding!
>Now I'd like to discuss the possibilities in the Bible codes 
>connected with prophecy and looking for future events. I don't 
>believe anyone has endeavored to search the New Testament in the 
>Greek looking for hidden codes within the text. It would not surprise 
>me at all if the codes are there. I propose that if you are a Greek 
>scholar, you investigate the hidden codes in the Greek. Perhaps a 
>committee of knowledgeable prophecy scholars and writers could be set 
>up to pose questions and terms to look for; that would have immense 
>One controversial term that would be nice to know, is, who is the 
>restrainer in 2 Thessalonians 2? Countless arguments and papers have 
>been written saying that the restrainer is the church, believers, 
>human government, the Holy Spirit, or the Archangel Michael. If the 
>Greek New Testament contains hidden codes, perhaps we could find out 
>the correct answer. Another question that could be posed, is 
>concerning the two witnesses of Revelation 11. Who are the two 
>witnesses? Moses and Elijah? Enoch and Elijah? You get the picture, 
>we could find out some important prophetic knowledge. One other 
>possibility is the controversial texts, for example, Mark 16:9-20. 
>Some manuscripts didn't have these verses and if there is a hidden 
>code in the Greek, then these controversial texts should continue the 
>codes. If they don't, there is less credence for accepting their 
>authenticity. You all get the picture, we as the church could gain 
>immensely from a systematic search for the hidden codes in the New 
>Testament. Will some Theological Seminary pick up the ball and run 
>with this one? The commercial software is available, and all you need 
>is the Greek text stripped of punctuation marks and blank spaces, and 
>you can begin the research project. (I don't know Greek or Hebrew, so 
>don't ask, "why doesn't he just do it himself?")
>One last cautionary note before we delve into the prophetic 
>implications. All those involved in the ELS research caution that we 
>don't know enough specific knowledge of how the creator of the codes 
>intended a nearness of terms at the same ELS, to [Image]apply and 
>form a meaningful set of data. For example, if near terms are found 
>at the same letter spacing, do they always apply to each other, or 
>are there other nearby terms which are the intended correct 
>association of terms? Without caution, we could mix up terms in close 
>proximity and form a prediction of the future which was never 
>intended by God our Father, the creator of the codes and author of 
>the Bible. However, the evidence of past historical events recorded 
>thousands of years ago in Bible prophecy and the Bible codes, means 
>that future events are also there. We just need to exercise caution 
>in our searching of the codes, as well as common sense. Also, the 
>philosophical question arises, just how much free will do we have, if 
>the historical record was written down beforehand in prophecy and the 
>Bible codes? The answer is that we have free will, but the author of 
>the Bible and the codes is God, who stands outside the creation and 
>is not the creation itself as so many new-agers would have you 
>believe. Being outside of the creation, He is able to view all of 
>history and each person's life and choices and see what they choose. 
>Pre-knowledge does not negate free will.
>             Implications of THE BIBLE CODE in prophecy
>In chapter 6, a couple of findings from the book, THE BIBLE CODE, hit 
>me like a ton of bricks. The term "world war" was encoded with the 
>term "in 5766" for the possible year. In another place, the term 
>"atomic holocaust" was encoded with the term "in 5766". In another 
>place the term "great earthquake" was encoded with the term "in 
>5766". In another place, the term "great earthquake" was encoded with 
>"Japan" and "in 5766". And in another place the term "economic 
>collapse" was encoded with the term "fire, earthquake struck Japan".
>For those of you who don't know, the year 5766 runs from October 4, 
>2005 to September 22, 2006. These dates are from Rosh Hashanah in 
>2005 to the day before the next Rosh Hashanah in 2006. The dates are 
>from the current Jewish calender. For example, June 26, 1997 is Sivan 
>21 of 5757, and the year 5758 begins on Rosh Hashanah, which is 
>October 2, 1997. The implications of the year 5766 could be 
>staggering. I'd like to make some preliminary proposals subject to 
>revision and correction. Please, please, please, consider the 
>following a "what if" type of scenario. If, if, if, if, if the hidden 
>codes are correct in the above association of terms concerning the 
>year 5766, then the following is possible.
>You may or may not know that I've previously calculated a rolling 
>table of dates for the end-times 7 year period through 2037 AD, which 
>will not be narrowed down to a specific starting year as truth until 
>the peace treaty of prophecy occurs. The explanations for the 
>calculations of the table of dates is explained in my Prophecy Tape 
>Album offered on this website. Central to the calculations of the 
>table of dates is the fulfillment of the fall feast days of Rosh 
>Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Succoth. I offer the Prophecy Tape Album to 
>teach what God has taught to me. (local link at the bottom of this 
>page to get info about or order the tapes).
>If, if, if, if and only if the Bible codes are correct in citing the 
>year 5766 as the time when the world war occurs, then from my table 
>of dates, World War 3 will start immediately after the abomination of 
>desolation in the Temple on 31 January/1 February 2006. That means 
>working backwards, the peace treaty of prophecy will occur on 19/20 
>September 2002. That also means that Jesus (Yeshua) will come to 
>reign on the earth 1290 days after the abomination of desolation on 
>13/14 August 2009. The fulfillment of prophecy of Yom Kippur will 
>occur on 27/28 September 2009, and the fulfillment of Succoth after 
>the judgment of the peoples of the earth will occur on 2/3 October 
>2009 and run for 8 days.
>The Bible states that there will be a great earthquake when Israel is 
>invaded in World War 3, in Ezekiel 38:19, so the term "great 
>earthquake" associated with "in 5766", and in another place "atomic 
>holocaust" with "in 5766", meets one test of reasonableness with the 
>prophetic scriptures. In modern contemporary prophecies, C. Alan 
>Martin's vision of the presidents on his PROPHECY SUPERSITE website, 
>also meets the test of reasonableness. His vision saw two presidents 
>after Clinton before the millennium period (not the year 2000). That 
>time frame seems about right. Other modern prophecies have stated 
>that World War 3 will start after an economic collapse, which fits 
>the terms from THE BIBLE CODE. (remote link to C. Alan Martin's 
>vision of the presidents at the bottom of the page).
>Another test of reasonableness may be applied to St. Malachy's 
>prophetic vision of 112 popes before the judgment of the people of 
>the earth at the end of the 7 year end-times period. I am not a 
>Catholic and there are always doubts as to the authenticity of the 
>list of popes, but it's worthy of discussion. Malachy saw a vision in 
>1139 AD of all the future popes until the end. The current pope, John 
>Paul II, would be called "ab laboris solis" (from the labor of the 
>sun) the 110th on Malachy's list, and would be the 3rd to the last 
>pope. The next pope is called "gloria olivae" (glorious olive, and 
>may be of Jewish descent?). The last pope on the list is "petrus 
>romanus" (Peter the Roman), who it is said will lead the church 
>through much tribulation and then the city of seven hills will be 
>destroyed and the powerful , terrible Judge will come to judge the 
>world. The list of popes seems to meet the test of reasonabless 
>possible for the time frame above with the dates for the end-times 7 
>year period. (local link to short article on St. Malachy's prophecy 
>at the bottom of the page).
>Another modern prophecy through my brother in the faith, Thomas S. 
>Gibson, given on December 7, 1995, prophesies a judgment on America 
>in world war 3. In that prophecy, we are told that by 2005 the war 
>will not yet have occurred, but by 2010 it will be in the past. My 
>calculation of world war 3 beginning right after the abomination of 
>desolation on 31 January/1 February 2006, meets the test of 
>reasonableness with regards to that prophetic Word. (At the bottom of 
>the page is a local link to five prophecies through Thomas S. Gibson 
>relating to world war 3, read them and ponder the predicted events 
>and the association to the conclusions in this article.)
>When you view the development of the European Union with its related 
>consequences to the prophetic picture, and the proposed monetary 
>union of the countries into a single currency, the Euro, in 1999, 
>these future events seem to fit the bill. If the EU adopts a single 
>currency in 1999, then a closer compact between 1999 and 2002 into a 
>European superstate seems plausible. What I'm getting at, is that the 
>contemporary picture appears to reasonably fit the time frame 
>mentioned above.
>This article raises quite a number of interesting possibilities. One, 
>that the Bible codes are put there by God for us to know in the last 
>days or end-times period. And two, that He intends for us to search 
>the scriptures and find out the prophetic scenario clues hidden in 
>the codes, which will always confirm and augment the surface text of 
>the Bible if true. I firmly believe that these hidden Bible codes are 
>a fulfillment of Daniel 12:9, where the Angel told Daniel that, 
>"these words are concealed and sealed up until the end time." WHAT DO 
>Please e-mail me to provide helpful analyses, or criticisms, I can 
>take the heat. May God my Father bless you greatly in your 
>understanding of the Word of God, the Bible. If you are angry that I 
>would have the audacity to publish the dates of the end-times events 
>(except the rapture), please read the following adjunct to this 
>article, it will address your concerns.
>If and only if THE BIBLE CODE is correct where 5766 is the start of 
>the world war, then: the peace treaty of prophecy, starting the 
>end-times 7 year period, will occur on 19/20 September, 2002. the 
>abomination of desolation will occur on 31 Jan/1 Feb 2006; World War 
>3 begins right after the abomination of desolation in the middle of 
>the end-times 7 year period. Jesus (Yeshua) returns to reign on the 
>earth as the Lion of Judah on 13/14 August 2009, 1290 days after the 
>abomination of desolation. Yom Kippur fulfillment & judgment of the 
>people of the earth starts 27/28 September 2009. This is 1335 days 
>after the abomination of desolation.
>C. Alan Martin's Vision of the Presidents on the Prophetic Supersite
>Article on St.Malachy's prophecy of the 112 popes before judgment
>Selected Prophecies Through Thomas Gibson (our Canadian brother)
>Torah Codes (Equidistant Letter Spacing) software on Grant Jeffrey's 
>Torah Codes software at the Torah Educational Software website
>New CD-ROM version of Torah Codes software with extras for $79.95
>Information and online order of Roy's 12-tape Prophecy Tape Teaching 
>Angry readers, please read this scriptural response, Re: no one knows 
>the day or hour, it will answer your concerns

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