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> Truth in Media's GLOBAL WATCH Bulletin 97/8-6    15-Aug-97
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>By Barry Chamish
>JERUSALEM - Look at the list of members of the Council On Foreign
>Relations (CFR) and there you will find Edgar Bronfman's name. He is
>described as a longtime member and executive. To those unacquainted with
>the CFR, it is a Manhattan-based organization with 2,900 members, 18 of
>whom sit in Clinton's cabinet. As has been noted before, every diplomat
>in charge of manipulating the Middle East, (Warren) Christopher,
>(Dennis) Ross, (Martin) Indyk, (Madeleine) Albright et. al., is found on
>the membership list.
>The stated goal of the CFR is the creation of a one world government.
>Unstated is that this planned tyranny will be run by the descendants of
>robber barons and bootleggers. Of the latter category, none is so
>renowned as the Bronfman family, scions of the Seagrams dynasty.
>The Bronfmans have a role in Israel. They work behind the scenes to
>assure that the CFR's "peace" process is carried through to what will be
>the bitter end. The task is divided by the two elder sons of the
>notorious Samuel Bronfman who amassed his fortune smuggling booze during
>Prohibition. Edgar's role is political and he works quietly behind the
>scenes with the insiders who manage world events. To make his activities
>seem legitimate he founded his own organization, called it the World
>Jewish Congress and elected himself president. Charles has the duty of
>buying up key industries in Israel with the goal of making himself the
>most powerful financial force in the country.
>Let us examine their strategy and aims.
>     * In 1990 the Bronfman fortune was recruited to found two funds.
>The first was the Claridge Fund, which invested in some of the country's
>more successful communications and medical companies. The second was The
>New Israel Fund which funnels money, millions of dollars, to far left
>social groups. The recipients of the largesse form a who's who of the
>so-called "peace camp." The fund proudly declares that it is the only
>alternative to all the "conventional" Zionist funds supporting Israeli
>social projects.
>     * In 1991, the Bronfmans founded a magazine called The Jerusalem
>Report. They hired two writers known for their hardline views on Israeli
>security, Hirsh Goodman and Zeev Chefetz. The latter was previously the
>Likud's appointee as head of the Government Press Office. Both had a
>remarkable change of heart after the peace process began and became the
>Rabin government's apologists to the Diaspora. The magazine promoted
>itself as, once again, the only "alternative", this time to the
>Jerusalem Post's critical reporting of the process.
>     * We have a most revealing glimpse of the Bronfman's role in the
>peace process. In January 1996, Edgar Bronfman told Maariv reporter
>Yitzhak Ben Horin, "I admit to using my influence to secure Rabin's
>election in 1992 because he was a brilliant strategist. Usually I
>believe Americans should not interfere with the Israeli elections but in
>this case I broke my rule and helped Rabin win because I believed in the
>peace process."
>       We ask, what peace process? Rabin ran as a hawk who would never
>negotiate with the PLO or give up the Golan Heights. The only peace
>process anyone else knew about was the Madrid Conference track backed by
>the Likud. What Bronfman seems to have said is he backed Rabin with all
>his resources because he agreed to support a peace process that the rest
>of Israel was unaware of. As I have documented in my new book, "A
>Journal Of Israel's Betrayal" (Hearthstone Publishing Ltd.) the peace
>process was hatched by the CFR and Rabin was their all-too-willing
>promoter of the CFR's covert diplomacy.
>     * By early 1995, Ehud Barak was chosen as Rabin's successor.
>Between March and June, he was sent to America for his CFR training. He
>began with a stint at Martin Indyk's Washington Institute For Near East
>Studies, participated in some secret negotiations with the Syrians and
>ended his study tour with meetings in New York with Henry Kissinger,
>Charles Bronfman and Lawrence Tisch. Barak explained that the
>triumvirate wanted to set him up in business.
>     * 1997 is turning scary. First the Family bought a stake in a major
>television production company and by the summer paid $350 million for a
>25% share of Koor Industries. Koor is the largest holding company in the
>country, controlling hundreds of Labour Party/Histadrut companies in
>every sector of the economy.
>After the deal was signed, Charles Bronfman allowed himself to be
>interviewed at length in Maariv. Among his many critical comments about
>the country's diplomacy he claimed, "No other international investor
>will put his money in Israel unless the peace process continues."
>The patently false observation aside, the Bronfmans are now in a
>position to determine the fate of the nation. They control an enormous
>percentage of the economy and are working diligently on acquiring a good
>chunk of the media.
>We know what the Bronfmans' agenda is. The profits of alcoholism are
>being funneled into radical and unsettling social projects, most
>allegedly aimed at promoting "peace" or "understanding" but whose
>ultimate result if successful will be a drastic weakening of Israel's
>sovereignty, a common CFR goal in countries around the world. To get
>their way, the CFR's men in Israel have cleverly bought themselves the
>most strategic Israeli industrial and financial assets.
>Barry Chamish is an Israeli journalist.
>E-Mail: chamish@netmedia.net.il
>TiM EDITOR's NOTE: Mr. Chamish's new book, "A Journal of Israel's
>Betrayal" ($12.95), can be ordered from Hearthstone Publishing Ltd.,
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>subject (as we are doing it in this case, for example, and have done
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