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Subject: SLS: "The ZIP Code Issue," by Howard Freeman

Freeman's letter was not written to me.
I merely had his permission to transcribe
one of his many hand-written letters
to others.  So, I never got the tape.


/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 06:53 AM 8/31/97 -0400, you wrote:
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><<  The  enclosed  tape  will  point  out  other
> solutions.   To properly  handle oneself  in order to keep out of
> Legislative Article  I Courts  exercising Legislative  Power, and
> into the  Article III  Courts  of  the  Republic  which  exercise
> Judicial Power,  is another whole study in itself.  Again, let me
> repeat:   There Are  No Silver  Bullets for those who claim to be
> too busy to study! >>
>How can I get one of those tapes like the one he sent you?   Is
>http://www.neuron.net/~ginn/howard-freeman/ the correct address for his web
>site (the AOL browser won't connect - often it's the browser!)

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