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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Alleged Confessions of Govt Officials to OKC Bombing

>The following is a part of a report released over the patriot fax
>networks and over the Internet May 9, 1995. It is re-released here for
>your information, and to elicit any further information that can confirm
>or refute it.
>[Summary of Mark Boswell's radio talk show of 12 AM EDT on April 29:
>short-wave channel 12.160. Satellite Galaxy 6 (G2), Transponder 14]
>Boswell interviewed 25 year CIA veteran James Black and assistant Ronn
>Jackson regarding sworn affidavits now in their possession, sworn by two
>Justice Department officials which state that they were part of a
>"Committee of 10" who planned the Oklahoma bombing.
>The Officials claim the bomb was supposed to be detonated at 6 AM (with
>no one around) as a scare tactic to procure sympathy, money and power
>for government agencies, but that something went wrong and it was
>detonated later during business hours. This could explain why McVeigh
>was reported being so lost while driving the bomb-truck to the scene
>that he had to stop and ask a policeman for directions.
>The officials have retained a prominent East Coast attorney and they and
>their families are now in hiding. Their Affidavits have reportedly been
>delivered to a prominent government official who will be asked to launch
>a proper course of action. It was promised that if he does not soon,
>then the Affidavits will be faxed via the interviewee's fax network to
>an approximate 200 million recipients.
>Associated Press has been informed and is investigating (check for
>yourself by calling 405-525-2121). Reach talk show host Mark Boswell
>through KHNC at 303-587-5171. Please help prevent cover-up by calling
>FBI hotline from phone booth at 1-800-905-1514, and demand
>On the previously mentioned talk show, it was also revealed that the day
>prior to the explosion, BATF Agents underwent explosives training in the
>basement of the Federal Building. After that training, a number of
>agents were told not to come to work at the office the next day, but to
>report elsewhere. When one asked "why", a confidant instructed that the
>building was "coming down". He and several of fellow ATF agents have
>retained the same attorney that the Justice officials have.
>On the previously mentioned radio talk show, it was also revealed that a
>Secret Service agent overheard shrouded talk in the White House
>regarding the bombing on the day before it occurred, but did not
>understand the significance of what he had heard until the details of
>the blast and the President's propaganda speeches which followed started
>matching what he had previously heard. The Secret Service agent has
>reportedly retained the same attorney as the Justice officials and ATF
>agents have.
>The government's records and evidence lockers related to Waco were
>evidently destroyed in the blast. Thus, when the Congressional
>investigations of Waco commence next month as they were previously
>scheduled to much of the original evidence will not now be available.
>Many articles have appeared in the mainstream media regarding government
>projects dealing with weather manipulation and mind control through the
>use of Very Low Frequency (4.10Hz) energy pulses.
>Now, persons nationwide report having heard an untraceable reverberating
>hum for a few minutes during the week of the bombing. If you did, ask
>around for others who might have also, and pass the word. If there is
>anything to this outrageous possibility, the good news is that once you
>become aware of these psychotronic activities, you can supposedly
>override the debilitating and fearful affects that such is supposed to
>produce, by consciously overriding the induced emotions by means of
>logic and common sense.
>(312)731-1100 Tape message for others.
>Constitution Society, 1731 Howe Av #370, Sacramento, CA 95825
>916/568-1022, 916/450-7941VM         Date: 08/09/97  Time: 09:27:01
>http://www.constitution.org/         mailto:jon.roland@the-spa.com

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