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If you have a working version of CONFIG.SYS
and AUTOEXEC.BAT, you can't get into too 
much trouble if you allow MEMMAKER to 
optimize your system for you.  It saves the
previous versions in:


where "UMB" stands for Upper Memory Block
(a memory region which MEMMAKER tries to use).

If MEMMAKER trashes your system, just revert
back to these start-up files.

I am speaking here of pre-Win95 systems only, however.

If you are new to these files, try to get
familiar with them by executing TYPE, or MORE,
or PRINT, at the command line, for example:

  C:\MYDIR> cd ..
  C:\> more <config.sys
  C:\> more <autoexec.bat

I archive old versions of these files, 
by creating the directory CONFIG.DIR, and
then copying the latest versions of these
files into that directory, after renaming
the suffix to a 3-digit integer.  For example:

  C:\> mkdir config.dir
  C:\> cd config.dir
  C:\CONFIG.DIR> copy c:\config.sys /v
  C:\CONFIG.DIR> copy c:\autoexec.bat /v

Then, upon making any changes to either of
these two files, I archive the current copies, 
as follows:

  C:\> cd config.dir
  C:\CONFIG.DIR> rename config.sys config.001
  C:\CONFIG.DIR> rename autoexec.bat autoexec.001
  C:\CONFIG.DIR> copy c:\config.sys /v
  C:\CONFIG.DIR> copy c:\autoexec.bat /v

Then, on the next iteration, "001" would become "002"
and so on.  To protect yourself against memory loss
(your own!), you might also want to write-protect
the archived versions, as follows:

  C:\CONFIG.DIR> attrib *.* +r

This command makes all files "read-only" (i.e.
"turn on" Read-only.).  You can get help with
the ATTRIB command as follows:

  C:\CONFIG.DIR> help attrib

The ATTRIB command without arguments, will
give you a list of attributes for all files
in the current directory.  ATTRIB /s will
do the same, but for all files in all 
sub-directories, as well.  Thus, a neat way to
catalog your directory contents is as follows:

  C:\MYDIR> attrib /s >catalog

This will write all pathnames into the file CATALOG,
with their attributes showing in the left margin
of the CATALOG file.  This technique of routing
program output to a file is called "redirection".
You might try it with a number of different commands,
like DIR and DIR /s (do sub-directories too).

I hope this helps.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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At 08:57 AM 8/27/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I couldn't agree more! I thought it but you said it. You can also send
>those voice mail support lines experts, who expect you to understand all
>the tech jargon, that if you did you wouldn't be making the call in the
>first place together in the same canoe on a fast current on the Niagara
>river towards the Falls, on the way to this special hell.
>Files in hidden conflict on establishing new apps and trying to keep the
>hard drive relatively clean is a big "bug" and a pain in the butt for me.
>>>>>>>Start of Quoted Message
>However I think that there should be a special hell for those who put
>things on drive C, alter AUTOEXEC.BAT without asking, or fail to provide an
>uninstaller that uninstalls everything it should install and nothing it
>should not install.*
>*	A special division of that special hell for those who provide
>installation instructions so hidden that you can't access them until AFTER
>you've installed the beast.
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