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Subject: SLS: Bank mergers and the global state (fwd)

>The following was sent to me as a private email.  I post it here with
>permission of the author.  I thought it was an excellent summary.  The
>author, Hosel Jurme, is the founder of IPAC (International Peace 
>and Alliance Council).
>Hosel Jurme wrote:
>> I'm going to try to answer your request concerning the importance of how
>> banking controls the global economy and why all the bank mergers at this
>> time. This of course effects greatly every single individual on the
>> planet for the better or for the worst.
>> We all get caught up in details. Often we miss the complete picture. Not
>> being able to see the forest because of all the trees. So I'm going to
>> try to explain as simply as I can the basic concept of world domination
>> via the tool of our existing economic system.
>> To begin it's important to understand that only a few individual
>> families control all of the stock in the major central banks of the
>> world. For example, the central bank of England sets the prime rate for
>> England. The central bank of Germany does the same for Germany. Central
>> banks are  all private corporations. They are not owned by any
>> government. However, they set the lending rate of currency exchange for
>> each country in which they operate in. All other smaller private banks
>> (like Chase Manhattan Bank) adjust their lending rate based upon the
>> central bank's published rate.
>> A good example is our own country. Look at the control exerted over the
>> government and it's people by the FED or Federal Reserve Bank, Inc. The
>> "U.S." dollar states that's it's a "Federal Reserve Note." A note is an
>> IOU. In this case an IOU issued by a private corporation called the
>> Federal Reserve Bank. Inc.. The FED, at its incorporation, issued shares
>> to the owners and founders of this corporation. Just like any other
>> private corporation. In the case of the FED there are two major U.S.
>> shareholders. The remainder of the shareholders are foreign.
>> The FED has had complete control over the U.S. economy since the Federal
>> Reserve Act was passed by Congress in 1913. Incidently this is the year
>> that the all citizens of the U.S. lost their freedom in real terms.
>> Since that time the FED has created inflation, thereby devaluation of
>> the economy at its will.
>> Allen Greenspan, Chairman of the Board of the FED, has been called the
>> second most powerful man in America, after the President. That is an
>> intentionally misleading statement. In reality Greenspan is the most
>> powerful man in the U.S.. The President is in second place. No President
>> would get elected in the first place without the support of the FED.
>> However, in reality Greenspan is only a puppet. Greenspan can make no
>> decisions on major issues with the approval of the shareholders of the
>> corporation. The shareholders of the FED are the individuals that pull
>> the strings on the U.S. economy.  The FED's shareholders are the ones
>> that remain hidden in the background. Away from the eyes and ears of the
>> "free" media.
>> Remember when the FED sets the prime bank rate (rate that banks loan
>> each other money at), all other banks follow the example. If the FED
>> raises the rate high enough, the stock market falls in value. If the
>> U.S. stock market falls, so do the other stock markets of the world. You
>> tell me who has the real power.
>> Now to answer your question of why all the bank mergers. The answer is
>> simple. Consolidation!  Consolidation of global economic power into the
>>hands of a hidden few individuals for the benefit of themselves only.
>> A simple example of what I mean. Lets say that John x, John y and John z
>> own the majority of the shares of the Federal Reserve Bank. The FED
>> "loans" "money" to the United States Government as well as other lending
>> intuitions. Mr. x, y and z also own controlling stock in other national
>> and international banks and insurance companies. What they now want to
>> do is to own outright, through mergers and acquisitions, all the capital
>> producing organizations in the world. That may sound like an absurd
>> statement but I assure that it's not.
>> As stated above, in the past if the FED raises the prime, other banks
>> not owned directly by Mr. x, y and z, still are controlled by the FED
>> and raise or lower their rates accordingly. Theoretically there is still
>> a small amount of independence. This independence is in the process of
>> being eliminated because of the mergers..
>> Remember it was President George Bush who publically put into the minds
>> of the U.S. citizen, for the first time publically,  the concept of a
>> "new world order." This statement was by design. It was not a mistake.
>> The people that Mr. Bush works for feel that the  public needs to be
>> conditioned to accept the idea of a global government controlling the
>> world. Also I believe that it was the U.S. Secretary of Transportation
>> under Bush, I forget the name, that stated that by the year 2,000 all
>> the airlines of the world would be owned 3 or 4 corporations. You would
>> still have names like American Airlines, Mexicana, Philippine Airlines,
>> etc. Most airlines would keep country recognition (to make the people
>> feel safe and proud) but in reality they would be owned by a few
>> individual corporations. This eliminates competition.
>> Mergers are happening in all aspects of commercial life. It is the bank
>> that controls capital. Merge all the banks together (for the good of the
>> people, of course), and you have a super controlled global state. This
>> is where the concept of the "mark of the beast" comes from. Not being
>> able to purchase anything in the "open" market without a micro-ident
>> implant chip in your hand or forehead. Oh! I'm sorry. I mean credit
>> card.
>> In closing, originally, there were 203,053 shares of Federal Reserve
>> stock issued. 65% was owned by foreigners and approximately 35% (72,000
>> shares) was owned by U.S. interests. The ownership is as follows:
>> 1) Rockefellar's National city Bank = 30,000 shares.
>> 2) Chase National = 6,000 shares (currently Chase Manhattan owned by
>>    David Rockeffer.
>> 3) National Bank of Commerce (now known as Morgan Guaranty Trust =
>> 4) Morgan's First National Bank = 15,000 shares.
>> The total share amount owned by Rockfellar's interests and Morgan's
>> interests both equal 36,000 shares.
>> The remainder of the shares are as follows:
>> 5)   Rothchild Banks of London and Berlin.
>> 6)   Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy.
>> 7)   Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris.
>> 8)   Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Germany and Amsterdam.
>> 9)   Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York.
>> 10) Goldman Sachs Bank of New York.
>> If you control the U.S. economy, you control the U.S. war machine. With
>> that you control the world!
>> I hope this gives you an overview of the current bank merger situation.
>> There are many details that could be talked about but what is stated
>> above in general terms needs to be understood first. There are many
>> books written about this subject. However by the time an interested
>> reader researched the subject fully, we could be in the actualized stage
>> of what is described above.
>> Sincerely,
>> Hosel Jurme

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