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The USPS also has an excellent police force,
much better in many cases than the local
municipal police department.  They have
specialists who do nothing but investigate
mail fraud.  By using USPMO's, you are telling
people that you are not likely to be defrauding
them, because they are better than bank checks:
they do not bounce, unless you are trying to 
cash a stolen one at the counter of the post office.
So, our counter clerks always check mine against
the stolen list, just to be sure.  

I also like to support the Post Office, because 
I have done massive amounts of business with them 
over some 25+ years and, in all that time, they have 
damaged or lost only ONE piece of mail: a magnetic tape
which was on a truck involved in an accident
that occurred in the rain.  They routed the
damaged package back to me, and offered to pay
to replace it.  I told the Postmaster there was
no need to do that, because their service had been
so terrific for so many years.  We ate the replacement
costs instead.  

Last, but not least, you may begin to notice, 
(now that I tell you this) that all post offices
are monitored by closed-circuit televisions, which are
writing a videotape with a time/date code on each frame.
If anyone commits a crime in the post office, such as
the abuse which I got recently from the defendant in my
civil case, when I ran into him at my local post office,
the whole thing is being videotaped with a time and
date code on each frame.  I know the counter clerks so
well, I merely had to pass one of them a brief note
requesting security, and within 30 seconds, security
was there to escort me into a private office, where
I could easily monitor this man on the closed-circuit
monitor.  This also meant that I could witness the 
exact time and date being coded onto each frame with
this man's face staring into the closed-circuit 
television camera!

Anyway, when you are involved in racket busting as I am, 
this organization is really a godsend, in more ways 
than I can count.  See Title 18 of the United States Code, 
for all the essential details.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 06:02 AM 8/26/97 -0500, you wrote:
>On Tue, 26 Aug 1997, Gene Kwiecinski wrote:
>> What's the reason a lot of people who do sales by mail, or seminars,
>> etc., specify *blank* PMOs?  Ie, the "payee" section is blank.
>> Can it simply be cashed at a PO without needing ID?  Is it just so the
>> payer doesn't know who's ultimately cashing it?  (I'd figure a records-
>> check at the PO would find out anyway, especially if you still have the
>> yellow copy with the PMO's number on it.)  Anything in the DMM which
>> spells this out?
>> What's the poop?
>Could be nothing more than convenience.  A blank PMO (providing that it's
>not a forgery) is on a par with currency.  This means that the person to
>whom you send it can hand it to another person as payment for a debt
>without the endorse/cash choreography.
>OTOH, it also makes it easier for soft-money contributions to the DNC to
>be laundered: the lecturer turns the PMOs over to the DNC, which, in turn,
>converts them to cash---Mr. Jones makes the donation, they hand Mr. Jones 
>the blank PMO in return. (The DNC could just as easily cash the PMOs, but
>every pair of hands through which the instruments pass is another layer
>that a prosecutor would have to pry away to get to the heart of the
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