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Subject: SLS: California Primaries and federal jurisdiction

Whether you vote or not is a separate
question from which class(es) of citizenship
you choose to enjoy.  With two, independent
classes of citizenship to choose from,
you can be one, the other, both, or neither.

You have this choice, because you enjoy
the Right of Election under the Tenth Amendment.

You will benefit by expatriating from federal
citizenship, because federal citizens have
a regulatory liability for federal income taxes,
pursuant to 26 CFR 1.1-1(a) thru (c), in contrast
to state Citizens, who are not mentioned in these
regulations.  Confer at "Inclusio unius est 
exclusio alterius" in Black's Law Dictionary,
Sixth Edition.  You are entitled to infer that
the omission of state Citizens from these regs
was intentional.  The IRC actually contains
specific provisions for dealing with people who
"expatriate to avoid the tax"!  

What do you know!!

In Gilbertson's OPENING BRIEF, we have attacked
these regs for being overly broad extensions of
the underlying statutes;  the ONLY statutes which
impose a specific liability for the federal income 
tax are those listed in the definition of "withholding
agent" at IRC 7701(a)(16).  You only become liable
if you are a withholding agent:  you are holding
money that belongs to the United States;  until
you pay it, you are liable and, if you do NOT pay 
it, you are guilty of tax evasion.  You can also
become liable by "volunteering" to assess yourself,
via a Form 1040.  The perjury jurat conforms to
verifications under penalty of perjury INSIDE
the "United States" (federal government).  See
28 U.S.C. 1746 for authority.

Have you ever notarized your federal income tax
returns?  Now you know why!  Form 1040 conforms
to 28 U.S.C. 1746(2): verifications INSIDE the
United States.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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><<These voter registration forms are co-opting us
>into federal jurisdiction, when we all enjoy
>the Right of Election to join, or reject,
>federal municipal jurisdiction.>>
>I have not voted for years, nor signed up to vote (registered) or signed any
>petitions.  Do I benefit in anyway from this practice?
>Michael Smith

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