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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Citizen's Arrest 

Hi Nick.  I will add you to our list of "Friends", 
until/unless we receive further notice from you.
"Friends" receive about 20% of our posts.
The Supreme Law School receive everything.

We are using the Citizen's Arrest notice as a
political action tool, by sending it to airport
commissioners, train station managers, police
and firemen, highway patrol, sheriffs, and so on.  
These are points of entry, and of exit.

In other words, we are "testing the waters" 
with respect to their willingness to assist
(with REAL back-up) in the event that Reno
should ever enter, and then attempt to exit,
the state of Arizona.  She has now been served with
the required Miranda Notice, so the only thing left
is apprehension (handcuffs, booking, and arraignment).
The Miranda Notice given in our NOTICE OF INTENT.
Here is the precise language you would need to use:

  "Janet Reno.  You are under arrest.  You have the
   right to remain silent.  You have the right to an
   attorney.  Anything which you say, or do, from this 
   point forward, can and will be held against you  
   in a court of law."

You don't need to wait for her answer.  Just be sure
there are witnesses to your Miranda Warning.  You should
practice this Warning, verbally, so that it comes it
perfect, every time.  In the real situation, the pressure
will be intense to falter;  don't falter, just go forward.

Can't you see halting a 747, which is about to taxi from
the jetway, in order to prevent the escape of a known
murder suspect?  That is one of the main reasons why 
you need to coordinate such an action with airport
authorities, i.e. Airport Manager, Commissioners,
and so on.  This is the stuff of high drama, no?

Such action is also entirely justified by the 
pertinent statutes.  If the airport authorities
obstruct the arrest, they are guilty of interfering
with a lawful arrest.  You can also commandeer helpers,
just as a peace officer might do, to perfect the arrest.
Again, confirm this authority to "commandeer" -- in your
state statutes.  By this I mean that you could commandeer
the airport police to assist you, in every way necessary
to bring Reno before a state judge, for arraignment.

We are also encouraging lots of people, in lots of
other Union states, to take the same position.

For example, I am also the private attorney general in the
case of People v. United States et al. in west Texas state.
Even though that case has gone nowhere (predictably), I remain
the Relator of record in that case, which would give me standing
to execute the Citizen's Arrest in Texas, via designated agents
(i.e. agents who will volunteer to assist me on-site, even though 
I remain in Arizona).  Since the case of People v. United States,
in Billings, Montana, is now in limbo, that case also renders
me the private attorney general on behalf of all the People of
the United States of America.  The pleadings in that case are 
now loaded into the Supreme Law Library, FYI.  Please tell all
your friends about these pleadings;  I believe they are historic,
in many ways.

So far, the arrest idea has met with a wide range of responses.
I am pleased to tell you that the security firm which we
have hired, is behind the idea 100%, particularly after
taking our suggestion as a reason to review the precise
statutes in Arizona which govern Citizen's Arrest.
These security personnel have quite a vast range of 
U.S. military experience, in numerous security situations.

Having defended our country in combat situations, they have
no hesitation to defend American children against a murder
suspect now sitting in high office.  Her arrest is a challenge
which they now look forward to executing.

I believe that all states have similar statutes.  If you are
in doubt, I would file an "Ex Parte" action, requesting declaratory
judgment as to the propriety of exercising those statutes, in a
real-life situation.  You wouldn't need to mention Reno; but of course,
it would certainly be interesting if you did -- by way of requesting
the court's blessing to execute the Arrest, upon adjudication
of probable cause.  This is the main reason why you would want
to review your state's specific statutes, because they are normally
written to authorize arrest _without_ a court's prior approval.
The Arizona states are so written.  We have the court authorities
which held that you can use the courts for political purposes.

I hope this answers your excellent question.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Supreme Law School, Friends

At 04:10 PM 9/20/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Paul, do you have a list serve?  If so, how do I subscribe?  
>BTW, any progress/updt on your Citizen's Arrest of Reno project?
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