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>          The  American  Heritage River Initiative, which would extend
>federal control over ten (as yet unnamed) rivers, is similar to a plan
>killed  by  Congress in 1996.  The comment period has been extended to
>Aug.   21,  from  May 21.  HR1842 (Helen Chenoweth, R-ID) would defund
>the initiative.  Kathleen McGinty, chair of the president's Council on
>Environmental  Quality,  described herself as perplexed and bewildered
>by  opposition  [DIS  8/Jul/97].  Almost certain to be included is the
>Mississippi,  and  likely  every  county  that  touches  either  side.
>Regulations  would  be  promulgated  by a dozen agencies: Agriculture,
>Commerce,  Defense,  Energy,  Interior,  Justice,  Housing  and  Urban
>Development,  and  the  Environmental Protection Agency.
>          If you wish to be heard on this matter, HR1842  needs to  be 
>voted out of the House Committee on Resources (202)225-2761, onto  the 
>floor, where it needs co-sponsors.  Our information is  that President 
>Clinton will implement this scheme by Executive Order, unless Congress 
>stops him.
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