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>              Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 10  Num. 93
>             =======================================
>                     ("Quid coniuratio est?")
>By Sherman H. Skolnick
>More  and  more,  Paris   is   becoming  a  center  of  political
>ITEM:  In July, 1996, Amschel Rothschild was murdered, just as he
>was about to become the new  head  of  the  Rothschild  worldwide
>banking  empire, tied to the Vatican.  Most of the American press
>were silent:  some said it was a heart attack; others, a suicide.
>He was found with a bathroom cord tied around his neck, connected
>to a towel rack.  In  checking  it out, however, the Paris police
>discovered the rack came right  off  the  wall!   Hence,  it  was
>murder, not suicide.
>   Rothschilds and Rockefellers have engaged each other in bloody
>financial  wars for many decades.  Rothschild was murdered on the
>anniversary of  the  murder  of  John  D.  Rockefeller III, 1978.
>Recently, we repeated the exclusive details.
>ITEM:  February 1997:  A long-time, major financial supporter  of
>Albert  Gore,  Jr., was murdered in Paris:  Pamela Harriman, U.S.
>Ambassador to France,  widow  of  Averell  Harriman  of the major
>banking and railroad fortune.  With her  help,  Gore  had  joined
>with top U.S. military leaders, who had fled to France, to arrest
>their Commander-in-Chief, Bill Clinton, for treason.
>ITEM:    Various   western   intelligence  agencies  arranged  to
>assassinate Princess Diana, in Paris.  She was killed on a sacred
>section called Pont  l'Alma  --  from  that  is  derived the word
>"Pontiff," that is, "Pope."  The ancient section  is  where  most
>every  royal family in Europe comes from.  According to legend, a
>person killed there goes straight  to Heaven, as a representative
>of Jesus.
>   According  to  unreleased  witness  reports,  a  vehicle   (on
>purpose)  tapped  or hit the rear of Diana's Mercedes, one of the
>heavily-built models, reportedly made bomb- and bullet-resistant.
>A slick had already been spread  ahead of her car, which then hit
>an intentional, heavy obstruction planted in the tunnel  roadway.
>The  second  car  had  intelligence  agents from the super-secret
>Committee of Twenty-Six, headquartered  in Bristol, England, made
>up of covert operatives of  the  United  States  and  the  United
>Kingdom, skilled in murder disguised as auto accident.
>   Informed of this in advance, French Intelligence took a "hands
>off"  posture  and delayed the arrival of the Paris police to the
>murder scene.  The  local  authorities  in  Paris reportedly have
>"smoking gun" video evidence made by  "Paparazzi"  on  motorbikes
>(that  is,  celebrity-chasing  photographers), reportedly showing
>the political  assassination  details.   French  authorities have
>proof to blackmail Bill Clinton, both on the murder of  Diana  as
>well as the cover-up of the missile attack on the Paris-bound TWA
>Flight 800, in which 60 French nationals perished, including 8 of
>the French Secret Police.
>   Diana and her intended Arab husband were set to shift billions
>of  dollars  from the West, to banks in Germany and Austria.  The
>princess was crushed between the  East and the West:  between the
>Pope and the failing, degenerate British monarchy, the  House  of
>Windsor.   Newsfakers  here  and  overseas  continue to call it a
>so-called "auto accident." Stay tuned.

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