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There are just too many fakes of Zapruder
floating around, including the ones which
Life Magazine altered, by swapping frame
numbers.  Take that into serious account,
okay?  It is clear they are trying to cover up
the reaction of the cranium to the high-speed
impact.  Remember, the motorcycle Cop, riding
to Kennedy's left rear, got sprayed with brains
and blood.  Your trajectory here would not have
done that.  The Zapruder original shows cloud of
atomized blood, as car moves forward.  The
motorcycle ran right into it.  Get down to
precision as to that motorcycle's exact 
trajectory:  we are talking one-inch 
tolerances here.  You must think like an
engineer, to solve this one.  On exit, the 
high-speed fragmentation bullet would result
in exploding the cranium;  that is exactly what
happened.  You need a very long-barrel rifle, 
to accelerate the bullet to such a high speed;
hand guns have a much shorter barrel, right?
Do your own comparisons:  muzzle velocity of
40 calibers (then!), versus muzzle velocity of 
.3006 deer rifles (then).  That answers your question
completely, I believe.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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><<An animated sequence of key frames from
>the Zapruder Film is now available on the
>Internet.  Polaroid Woman is clearly visible
>in this sequence, although the version of
>the Internet animation which I saw, did not
>draw any attention to her.  I have since 
>contacted the webmaster of that site, and
>he agrees that Polaroid Woman is clearly
>visible, raising her camera to click off
>what has to be THE most important single
>photo ever taken of JFK's murder scene.>>
>*** So you don't believe the section of film I have showing the driver
>shotting Connely and Kennedy is valid?  You see the gun puffing, you hear 2
>shots, first at Connelly as he reacts and slides down in the seat, and then
>you see the second puff, hear the sound and see K. head blow off from that
>direction?  No good? Not valid?
>Michael Smith
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