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Subject: SLS: Dumb is Name of Game

A memorial to themselves?

How about an Edsel?

You know, the car with the toilet seat
for a radiator?

They ARE collector's items, you know!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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At 12:38 PM 8/28/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>From the Washington Times:
>Dumb is sometimes
>a name of the game
>      Bureaucrats take offense when ordinary citizens observe
>      that you don't have to be very bright to be one. 
>Nevertheless, some of our bureaucrats -- the elected ones -- are
>trying to prove how dumb you can be and still be all you can be. 
>. . . . The latest example is in Leesburg, Va., where the Loudoun
>County supervisors are suing their constituents to enable them to
>buy a building their constituents say they can't have. The
>supervisors want it for a memorial to themselves.
>. . . . Dale Polen Myers, a Republican, insists there's nothing
>"sinister" about what she and her fellows are doing. Not sinister,
>perhaps, but certainly insolent. Not criminal, maybe, but certainly
>cheeky. She doesn't address the issue of dumb. She only wishes
>the voters were as smart as she is, so they could see what a
>terrific idea this is.
>. . . . Buying the office building, which the county has leased
>since last year, might be a nifty idea, though when six
>Republicans, a Democrat and a not very independent
>Independent say so, the average citizen is well advised to secure
>his wallet. Whether it's nifty or not, though the supervisors do not
>get it, is not the point.
>. . . . The voters, in a duly organized referendum four years ago,
>first knocked down the idea of the supervisors building a temple
>for the proper worship of government. That would have been the
>end of it in a place farther from the seat of federal power, which
>a county supervisor might well fantasize emulating.
>. . . . The supervisors did it anyway, by arranging a sweetheart
>deal to have a private developer build the building and rent it to
>the county. This so infuriated the voters that most of those
>supervisors were retired to seek employment elsewhere the
>following year.
>. . . . Now, in the tradition of the man who could be persuaded to
>sit down on a red-hot stove twice, the supervisors, counting on
>their constituents not to remember, want to sell bonds to buy the
>building. On the carnival midway, this is known as three-card
>monte -- now you see it and now you don't. They boast they
>could save as much as $1.7 million in rent over 20 years if the
>court will let them authorize the Loudoun County Industrial
>Development Authority to sell bonds to buy the building. And
>maybe they could. But now the angry constituents are suing
>back, asking the commissioners which part of "no" they don't
>. . . . Defining chutzpah down, the supervisors even asked the
>court to prevent the taxpayers of Loudoun County from having
>legal counsel. The supervisors think they're "representative"
>enough. Circuit Judge Carlton Penn then ordered the state
>attorney general to represent the taxpayers. Sanity has not
>vanished entirely in Loudoun County.
>. . . . The bureaucrats and their patrons -- the elected officials
>who have forgotten who elected them -- obviously need
>counseling and other therapy. H.L. Mencken once prescribed
>lead therapy for the federal judiciary: Once a year a certain
>number of federal judges would be shot as a lesson to the rest.
>This may be harsh.
>. . . . Or maybe not. What should we make of our mayor? He
>doesn't get it, either, and the D.C. Council has been exiled to
>irrelevance, but on full pay. The council, which is usually asleep
>in its own gas when it isn't conducting imaginative raids on the
>public purse, spent yesterday holding make-believe confirmation
>hearings for municipal department heads over whom it no longer
>has any authority or responsibility. It's a version of playing house
>with their dolls, counting on the kindness of strangers.
>. . . . His Honor, too. Marion Barry is perhaps the saddest case
>of all. He may be mayor for life, so powerful is his constituency
>of ex-cons, welfare cheats and other hangers-on, but he has
>become a cheap joke and no one will ever again take him
>seriously. He's content now to play the game he learned as a
>boy, watching the white men of Mississippi politics play the
>race-baiting game so successfully. The winners were the pols
>who could yell "nigger, nigger" the loudest, as Mr. Barry has
>learned to yell "honky, honky" louder than anyone else.
>. . . . Smart and attractive in the beginning, he should have
>looked to Chicago, or at least as far as Memphis, for better
>examples. Dick Daley and Ed Crump were haughty and
>imperious, too, but they understood that if you give the working
>stiffs a minimum of services they'll leave you alone to lie, cheat
>and steal from the rich and the poor. What if His Honor had
>made the schools work, fixed the potholes, kept the barbarians
>off the streets, and kept the robber-vultures in the Department of
>Public Works off the backs of motorists looking for a parking
>place? Nobody would have cared about the rest.
>. . . . Unlike a lot of the bureaucrats and their patrons, "he coulda
>been a contendah."
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