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The U of A's student newspaper is
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At 02:44 PM 9/13/97 -0700, you wrote:
>For myself and the many others that support the Apache right to their
>religious liberty and oppose the building of the observatory on Mount
>Graham, I'd be glad to be one of the many who would flood the university
>with an e-mail to that effect. Give me the address please. Thanks
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>> Subject: Fwd: News release of Apache
>> For Immediate Release - September 9, 1997
>> by Sandra Rambler
>> 						=++=++=++=++=++=			
>> Former councilmember cited by UA officers for praying on sacred 
>> Apache mountain, Mount Graham
>> =++=++=++=++=++=
>> On Saturday, August 30, former Apache tribal councilmember, 
>> Wendsler Nosie, was detained by University of Arizona police 
>> officers while leaving Mount Graham after having gone there to 
>> pray. Nosie was ordered to appear in the Safford Justice Court on 
>> September 11 for trespassing.
>> Mount Graham known to the San Carlos Apaches as Dzil Nchaa 
>> Si An, is located within the Coronado National Forest.  Traditional 
>> Apaches were distressed that UA is insisting upon prosecuting a 
>> tribal member for praying on the Apaches' sacred mountain.
>> Spokesperson for Apaches for Cultural Preservation, Wendsler 
>> Nosie said, "Dzil Nchaa Si An  is sacred to me and my people.  
>> For centuries, we have been praying on our sacred mountain.  
>> For an Apache to be detained and cited for praying on our sacred 
>> mountain is an outrageous act by a public university.  I believe in 
>> the right to exercise my Apache religion and no one can take this 
>> away from me nor my people."
>> Yesterday, in the Safford Justice of the Peace Court, Nosie 
>> entered a written plea of "Not Guilty".  The maximum penalty for 
>> the offense is 30 days in jail.
>> The Apache Survival Coalition, headed by Ola Cassadore Davis, 
>> outraged that Nosie must appear in court, contends that, "Early 
>> in the project, the University claimed they would respect us 
>> Apache and allow us to pray and meditate on the summit."
>> Medicine Man, Harold Kenton, said, "nearly every Apache 
>> traditional spiritual leader signed a petition which stated, "we, the 
>> undersigned spiritual leaders of the Apache people, acknowledge
>> the central sacred importance of Dzil Nchaa Si An (Mount 
>> Graham) to the traditional religious practice of the Apache.  We 
>> oppose the Mount Graham telescope project because it will 
>> interfere with the ability of the traditional Apache to practice their
>> religion."  He adds, "I will never change my position on this 
>> sacred matter.  Every Apache must be informed of this religious 
>> violation. It's not right that Wendsler Nosie was cited for practicing
>> our Apache religion."
>> In response to questions about Indian claims that the mountaintop 
>> is sacred, former UA President, Manual Pacheco was quoted in 
>> the Tucson's Arizona Daily Star on September 11, 1991, who told 
>> the press, "the university is not, will not, tread on cultural values 
>> that might exist."
>> In a letter to the San Carlos Apache Tribal Council on July 6, 1993,
>> Pacheco wrote, "The University of Arizona is concerned and 
>> committed to assuring that construction and operation of the Mt. 
>> Graham telescope project will proceed with the greatest possible 
>> respect and deference to San Carlos Apache religious values and 
>> interests."
>> The UA is joined at the Mount Graham Observatory by the 
>> Vatican, Germany's Max Planck Institute and Italy's Arcetri 
>> Observatory.
>> Nosie is the first Apache to be cited by UA police for praying on 
>> the mountain.  Nosie added, "After I prayed, there was a large 
>> hailstorm coming down the mountain from the top and the access
>> road followed  the shortest route off the summit.  But I felt real 
>> good about my prayers.  I know it was powerful.  I felt the 
>> presence of our Creator." 
>> ___________________________________________
>> Contact:	Sandra Rambler (520) 475-2361
>> 	Wendsler Nosie (520) 475-2494 or (520) 475-2545
>> 	Ernest Victor (520) 475-2319
>> 	Ola Cassadore Davis (520) 475-2543
>> >>>end press release<<<
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>> KOLA (International Campaign Office)
>> Van Boeckel St. 20
>> B-1140 Brussels
>> Belgium
>> Tel&Fax +32-2-241-8322
>> Email : kolahq@skynet.be
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