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>This reponse to my previous post came in from the Burkett family:
>I read with interest your post on the FBI Secret Report on Vincent 
>Foster, and took note of the smug response FBI's number 3 man, Robert 
>Bryant made when questioned as to why the FBI was involved at all in the 
>Foster case. My husband and I regard Bryant as prime player in the FBI 
>cover up of the 1991 murder of our son, Tommy Burkett.  In October of 
>1993, Bryant wrote a letter to the editor of the small Chantilly Times 
>newspaper, which had been reporting on our efforts to get justice for 
>Tommy.  Bryant told the paper the FBI was not and had never been 
>officially involved in any review of Tommy's case.  However, we had 
>received a letter from Bryant himself a few weeks earlier (Sept '93) 
>stating he had reviewed information we had sent him, and asking for more 
>Interestingly, the FBI had been frantically calling the Chantilly Times 
>editor for days and trying to get her to retract a story in which a 
>reporter mentioned Tom and I had met with federal agents and permitted 
>them to take fibers from our home for testing.  The frightened reporter 
>telephoned my home and told me about the FBI pressure. I said I did not 
>think the paper should retract one word.  I said if the FBI didn't like 
>the story they should write a letter to the editor. (At the time, we knew 
>our phone was tapped, and we believed the FBI had tapped it).  Lo and 
>behold, Bryant immediately writes a letter to the editor of the Chantilly 
>Times!  In addition to denying "any review" of Tommy's case, Bryant 
>called our son's murder a "suicide" and patronizingly spoke of our 
>"dissatisfaction" with the Fairfax County Police Department's ruling.  
>Bryant then stated that anyone "falsely" presenting himself as a federal 
>agetn would be subject to prosecution.  
>Well, the agents we spoke with have not been prosecuted, to our 
>knowledge, for obvious reasons.   We filed a complaint against Bryant for 
>publicly commenting on a case he claimed he had not even reviewed, for 
>siding with the local police against citizens' complaints, and for 
>publicly characterizing how we feel about the FCPD cover up of Tommy's 
>murder--(Claims we are "dissatisfied"!)  It is not up to Bryant to decide 
>how victims "feel" about government cover ups, or to make public 
>statements about how victims feel.  He has never even met us!  If one of 
>his sons were murdered and the murder  covered up, I expect he would be 
>much more than "dissatisfied"!   
>By the way, when I first called the FBI to complain about Bryant's letter 
>to the editor, the FBI insisted "no one at FBI" wrote that letter and 
>that "The FBI does not do business in the press" and "does not write 
>letters to the editor".  I then sent them a copy, and they acknowledged 
>"It looks like someone at FBI" did write the letter. The supervisory 
>agent I spoke with said the "someone" --meaning Bryant--was "much higher 
>up in the FBI" than he was. 
>The OPR (office of professional responsibility) at FBI "investigated" and 
>decided Bryant did nothing wrong by using his professional position to 
>discredit our complain against FCPD, but OPR "forgot" to tell us that 
>conclusion for several years, until our Senators wrote and asked the 
>outcome of OPR's "investigation".  How can people within the FBI 
>"investigate" their #3 man (Bryant) objectively? And would any agent in 
>the FBI do an objective civil rights investigation, when the #3 man has 
>publicly supported the police agency in question?
>Apparently Bryant is "high" enough in FBI to lie and cover up with 
>impunity.  We  have asked Senator Hatch to hold Senate Judiciary 
>Committee hearings on the way  FBI handled their "alleged" civil rights 
>investigation of Tommy's death, and similar cases. For more information, 
>and to read our most recent letter to Senator Hatch, please check our web 
>site at  http://www.clark.net/pub/tburkett/pacc/PACC.html
>We would be grateful for your support of our request for hearings on the 
>FBI's handling of Tommy's case and civil rights cases in general.  Please 
>call or write Senator Hatch, or your own Senators!  We have been fighting 
>long and hard and have had one roadblock after another thrown in our way. 
> We need your help.
>Beth George and Tom Burkett, parents of Tommy Burkett, whose murder is 
>being clumsily covered by FBI and FCPD  
>Tommy had things he wanted to do.
>Tom Burkett & Beth George
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