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Subject: SLS: Freemen Jailed Woman Health Problems (fwd)

Dana Dudley is a former client.
When the Freedom Center stiffed me
for 18.5 days of professional work,
they stepped between me and her,
to prevent any more of my work 
on her behalf.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>Source:  http://www.sltrib.com/082297/nation_w/124.htm
>Friday, August 22, 1997
>    Woman Jailed in Freemen Standoff Claims Health
>                              Problems
>      CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Former North Carolina resident Dana Dudley spends
>her days in
>  a Montana jail studying law, filing motions and making colored-pencil
>drawings of her family
>  and of nature scenes. 
>      Dudley was a participant in last year's 81-day standoff at the Freemen
>ranch in Montana.
>  She was jailed 14 months ago in Billings when the standoff ended. This
>week, she was
>  transferred to a jail 200 miles away in Boulder, Mont. In interviews
>before the transfer,
>  Dudley told The Charlotte Observer she is seriously ill and, without
>nutrient supplements and
>  a proper diet, could die in the next few months. Jail officials disputed
>those claims. 
>      Dudley considers herself a political hostage, maintains her innocence
>and says she will
>  handle her own defense in her trial next May. 
>      ``I'm going to make [the government's] witnesses squirm in their seats
>because they're
>  liars,'' Dudley said from Billings. 
>      Dudley projects a defiant tenor. 
>      She said the media vilified the Freemen. 
>      ``I didn't do anything wrong. . . . I'm a political hostage. The
>government threatened my
>  life. . . . I didn't create the problem at Justus Township [the Freemen's
>name for the ranch].
>  Is it worth it? What's the price of freedom?'' 
>      Dudley is in her middle 40s -- she won't reveal her exact age. 
>      She is the wife of Russell Landers, whom the FBI identified as a
>leader of the
>  anti-government Freemen. The couple lived in Johnston County, near
>Raleigh, N.C., for
>  several years. 
>      Landers was convicted on federal fraud and conspiracy charges in
>Raleigh in February in
>  connection with two vehicles bought in North Carolina for the Montana
>Freemen. He is
>  scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday. Dudley portrayed herself as exerting
>a calming
>  influence during tense times during the standoff. 
>      ``Ultimately, there could have been lives lost. The government had the
>intention of taking
>  lives. There was never anybody [among the Freemen] who threatened the life
>of anyone.
>  They want the government to obey the laws the people obey,'' she said. 
>      An undercover FBI agent who infiltrated the Freemen ranch testified
>during Landers' trial
>  that the Freemen were armed during the standoff. The Justice Department
>said it went to
>  great lengths to avoid bloodshed. 
>      Dudley first raised her health issues in federal court in January
>after jailers took away
>  nutritional supplements she has used since 1991. 
>      Lt. Dennis McCave, who is in charge of the Yellowstone County
>Detention Center, said
>  he removed the supplements because she had no valid medical need for them.
>``There's 300
>  people here, and they all want something,'' he said. 
>      In late April, Dudley was examined by Margaret Beeson, a Billings
>  physician. In a May 9 letter to McCave, Beeson wrote that Dudley suffers
>from hepatitis C,
>  chronic liver inflammation, dehydration, protein malnutrition and
>potential tooth loss. 
>      Dudley said she was examined by a gastroenterologist in July. She said
>she mailed the
>  doctor's report to The Observer on Aug. 1, but it hadn't arrived as of
>      Dudley read the doctor's report over the phone: ``She appears to have
>chronic hepatitis
>  C'' and ``inadequate protein intake'' and possibly a zinc deficiency; a
>biopsy would be
>  needed to determine if she has cirrhosis of the liver. 
>      Dudley said her religious beliefs don't allow invasive examinations.
>She refused to be
>  examined by the jail physician. She said her symptoms include hair loss
>and fatigue. 
>      ``If the jail does not provide me with the supplements I was taking, I
>could not survive six
>  months,'' she said. 
>      McCave disputed Dudley's claims. 
>      ``She's in good health right now,'' he said. 
>      McCave said that while he couldn't divulge jail medical reports, he
>saw nothing to indicate
>  that Dudley is ill. 
>      McCave said the jail cooperated by providing a modified diet. 
>      Dudley said the diet, which includes two pieces of raw fruit or raw
>vegetables daily, often
>  was lettuce with shredded carrots or thawed pie-filling apples. 
>      Dudley faces charges of conspiracy, bank fraud and interstate
>transportation of stolen
>  property taken by fraud (a van and an RV driven to the Freemen ranch). Her
>mother and a
>  brother live in Franklin, in Western North Carolina. Her youngest
>daughter, Ashley Taylor,
>  17, attends college in Eastern North Carolina. 
>      She has three adult children by a previous marriage. 
>   Copyright 1997, The Salt Lake Tribune

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