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Subject: SLS: Good Housekeeping and medical marijuana

As long as you were born within either
the federal zone, or the state zone,
you now enjoy the Right of Election,
which means that you can opt into
state Citizenship, just by declaring
your decision to do so.  

The simplest solution is the best solution.

See "Occam's Razor" [sic], in any good dictionary.

There, Occam's Razor!  Some lawyers, and
almost all attorneys, would hate to hear
me tell you that it is THAT simple.

You wanna know something?  IT IS!!

For proof, confer at "Jus soli" in 
Black's Law Dictionary.  That way, you
can say that Black's told you, rather
than to say that "you heard this on
the Internet," because the latter is
technically "hearsay."

Gilbertson entered pleadings "Sui juris,"
and the federal judge said, "Sui something?"


"Jus" is Latin for "law" !!!
"Juris" means "of law" [in the genitive case].

Latin has 5 cases in singular, and 5 in plural:

1. Nomitive   (the law)      jus soli       (law of the soil)
2. Genitive   (of the law)   sui juris      (of my own law)
3. Dative     (to the law)   ab juri       
4. Accusative (love law)     ego amo jurem  (I love the law)
5. Ablative   (by law)       de jure

Now you know what "juris et de jure" means:

     "of law and by law"

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 03:13 PM 9/15/97 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 9/15/97 3:49:39 PM, you wrote:
><<Where were you born?  This is fundamental.
>See "Jus soli" in Black's Law Dictionary.
>This Law is fundamental, pursuant to the
>Tenth Amendment. 
>You also enjoy the "Right of Election"
>also under the Tenth Amendment.
>See the pleadings in USA v. Gilbertson,
>in the Supreme Law Library, particularly
>#2 and #3, which develop the Law in support
>of the "Right of Election" [sic].
>/s/ Paul Mitchell
>*** No need to respond to this one as I know you're busy
>Well, I do need to fully grasp everythign in yoiur web page info.
>I was born in Chicago IL.  I do not vote and have not voted for years.  I
>have ss# and D/L but 10 years ago I did all kinds of affidavits and mailings
>to renounce those and whenever I am forced to do things with them I add a
>comment about how I object to this and don't accept it and am forced to use
>them just in order to survive over my protest etc. (maybe that does no good)
>I tried to get my birth certificate thrown out by a federal court in 1985
>through an admiralty proceeding in San Jose US District court, but the judge
>threw out the pleading and barred me from federal courts w/out permission
>I don't know if that helps any...........
>Michael Smith
>MSMITH6791@aol.com (for pers. messages only & business please

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