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Subject: SLS: Hillary Trading with the Enemy?

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>>        Trading with the Enemy & and the First Lady's Involvment
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>>                           Marianne F. Gasior
>>                             ATTORNEY AT LAW
>>                           420 Atlantic Avenue
>>                     Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15221
>>                              412-351-4198
>>                              July 15, 1996
>> The Honorable Robert E. Rubin
>> Secretary of the Treasury
>> 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
>> Washington, D.C. 20220
>> Dear Mr. Secretary:
>> I am writing to inquire as to the status of the Kennametal
>> investigation by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, and to inquire
>> as to whether the scope of OFAC's investigation includes the role of
>> First Lady Hillary Clinton as a Director of Lafarge Corporation during
>> the time Lafarge was involved with Kennametal and other parties in a
>> conspiracy to commit numerous federal offenses, including Trading with
>> the Enemy, and to defraud the United States via an arms smuggling
>> operation carried out through Lafarge's Marblehead, Ohio facilities.
>> Documents obtained by Congressional investigators in 1991 clearly
>> detail Kennametal's violations of the August 2, 1990 Iraqi Trrade
>> Embargo, and indicate a steady supply of the Iraqi war effort by
>> Kennametal throughout 1990 and during the Gulf War in early 1991.
>> These documents also show that Kennametal products originating in the
>> United States were transhipped to the U.K., in violation of the Export
>> Control Administration Act, and then fraudently marked "made in the
>> E.C.C." for shipment to Iraq. Further investigation has revealed
>> evidence detailing the path of the shipments out of the U.S. via the
>> Ordnance Center located on Lafarge's premises on Marbelhead Pennisula.
>> Under 18 U.S.C. 371, Lafarge is liable as a co-conspirator for the
>> crimes committed by Kennematal and others in furtherance of the
>> conspiracy. Since the shipments which were in violation of the Trade
>> Embargo and the Trading with the Enemy Act occurred between August
>> 1990 and March 1991, the First Lady's potential liability as a
>> Director and corporate agen tof Lafarge. Moreover, serious conflict of
>> interest issues are raised by the fact that Lafarge Corporation from
>> 1990 to 1992, I am obviously concerned about the posssible correlation
>> between OFAC's continued lack of action and the First Lady's potential
>> liability as a Director and corporate agent of Lafarge. Moreover,
>> serious conflict of interest issues are raised by the fact that
>> Lafarge Corporate and its Board of Directors have been represented by
>> Buchanan Ingersoll the same law firm that has representing Kennametal
>> in the Iraqgate investigations.
>> Given the fact that the violations occurred in 1990 and 1991, that
>> documentation of the violations has been publicly admitted that the
>> violations occurred, it appears that OFAC has had more than enough
>> time and evidence to initiated a criminal prosecution. Please inform
>> me at your earliest convenience as to the status of OFAC's Kennametal
>> investigation and whether the First Lady and Lafarge Corporation are
>> or have been subjects of that investigation.
>>                            Very truly yours,
>>                                 [Image]
>>                           Marianne F. Gasior
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