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Subject: SLS: How To Combat Media Lies (fwd)

>This article was posted to a private list by Bill Vance
><ocs@xpresso.seaslug.org>. Although it says it is a FAQ (Frequently
>Asked Questions document, it isn't. But it *is* very useful information
>just the same. Typos are in the original and I don't know where Bill got
>it from. - Ed
>***Begin Forward***
>This "FAQ" is auto-posted once a month via cron triggered script, and
>may be triggered off by hand from time to time in between if the info is
>requested by someone, such as when the House recently voted down the AW
>Ban and the Media threw a hissy fit.
>The purpose of this FAQ is to inform people what they can do about Media
>generated lies and misinformation.  While the FCC only handles Broadcast
>Media, (TV and Radio), some of these techniques will work for magazines
>and newspapers too.
>If I've missed something, or you find errors, let me know and I'll
>add/fix it.
>1.a.  Send letters of complaint to the Station Manager every time
>it       happens with all the time, details, other info, and your      
>1.b.  Send an additional copy for their FCC (Federal Communications
>      Commission) Public file.
>1.c.  Send an additional copy to the FCC itself, in case they don't
>put       it in their Public file.
>2.a.  Send a letter of complaint to their Station Owner as per
>above,         with copies as per above (1.b and 1.c).
>3.    Send copies of their replies to you along with yours to them
>to         their FCC Public file, so that it gets nice and fat, again,
>with       copies to the FCC itself.
>4.    If you can afford it, send all corespondence by Certified
>Mail       with Return Receipt Requested.  Send a copy of the Return
>Receipt       with everything that goes to the FCC itself, so that they
>will       have additional evidence if the Station is cheating on
>their       Public File.
>5.a.  Go to the Public Library and look up "Standard Rate and
>Data            Services" (SRDS) "Directory of National Advertisers." It
>is found       in many major Libraries (in the business/reference
>stacks), and       lists EVERY current advertiser, who the players are
>at both the       company and advertising agency(s), and the appropriate
>telephone       and fax (and probably E-Mail by now) addresses.  If your
>Library        doesn't have it, it can be requested.  Otherwise you can
>watch       their commercials for a few days to a week, listing all
>their       advertisers.  There are other references that have the
>addresses       for the nation's business headquarters too. look them
>all up and       pass the addresses and phone/FAX numbers etc., around
>so that       everyone can bitch to the sponsors.  IF enough people do
>that,          it'll get back to the Station.  Tell them if the
>Station             continues their nastiness you'll _consider_ changing
>to brand(X),
>      (otherwise they'll just write you off as a loss).
>5.b.  The above, (5.a.), can be a lot easier and less time consuming if
>      you're dealing with a newspaper's or a magazine's ads, as they are
>      right in front of you for the listing.
>6.    If they put on something good or even just more reasonable,
>call       and compliment them on it, but do _not_ send any kudos to
>their       FCC file, or write to them about it.  That way they have to
>keep       it up and hope, as there is nothing good in the file or in
>writing       that they can show the FCC to justify their Station's
>7.    Federal Communications Commission,
>      Complaints and Compliance Division
>      Room 6218, 2025 M Street NW
>      Washington, D.C. 20554
>      FAX:  202-653-9659
>            FCC
>            Attn:  Edythe Wise
>***End Forward***

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