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Subject: SLS: infiltration

I decided in 1993 that every "patriot"
organization I had ever had any contact
with, was already infiltrated -- fully.

This was true, even of the ones which
I had come to know and "trust", like
the NCBA in Colorado.  As a result of
this conclusion, I decided:

1.  don't join any organizations
2.  keep working quietly and in solitary
3.  trust the Lord Most High for direction
4.  trust the Lord Most High for money
5.  wait patiently for an opening to develop
6.  that opening came in the Internet
7.  thus, I spend lots of time with email,
    and website development

And, the Good News is this:


Most legal activists have no idea how much
experience I already have with computers.
We were designing the Noosphere, before lots
of these people were even born.  I was urging
people in 1975 to begin planning a backbone
which could support full-motion video and 
audio, in real-time.  

I got nothing but criticism.

The funny thing is:  if people aim low, 
they most often hit their targets!  :)

The Internet is strategic;  this much is now clear.  
I say this because I now believe that
the Holy Spirit touches it directly, by 
channeling the flow of electrons to those
who need them.  This is one of our "Secrets" --
the Power which orchestrates these 
electrons is infinite.  We need only "tune"
to the Source, and we amplify those wavelengths
without limit.  Your heart is also a key player
in this process, because it is through the
heart that we amplify love;  and God is Love,
in the purest and most perfect Form.

God is the Spirit of Love -- infinite, omniscient,
and eternal;  and the Internet, for all its vast
potential for abuse, is His answer to our manifold
prayers for deliverance at this perilous time
in the History of America.

This is the Promised Land, Terry.  It is here
that this "final battle" will occur, and you
must know that we have already won.  We are,
actually, in a mop-up phase.  The truth is
so very powerful, it will wilt the darkness.

I am sure you have already witnessed this
phenomenon yourself, in the fine work you
are now doing.  If there is ever anything
you need, just turn to the Most High, and ask.

Remember, He told us:

  "Ask, and you SHALL receive."

Those words came from the Author of all 
languages.  Try it.  It works!!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 12:10 PM 8/30/97 -0400, you wrote:
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> Let's keep this between us, for now.
>  >>
>As Sgt. Schultz (Hogan's Heros) would say:  "I know nothing.........
>I am about convinced that all these advocacy organizations set up for
>Patriotic causes are run and controlled by the Conspiracy.  Look at them all,
>there is not one I would bet on.

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As agents of the Most High, we came here to establish justice.  We shall
not leave, until our mission is accomplished and justice reigns eternal.
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