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>The Alan Keyes Show
>September 19, 1997
>Subject:  Communist China and Treason
>Opening voice-over by announcer:  "According to
>Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee, Communist China
>will soon dominate the world."
>(Senator Frist's voice) "Within ten years nations
>like China are going to overpower us in every
>single way."
>Announcer:  "The Fristean countdown to Communist
>China's domination of the world has begun."
>(clock ticking)
>Alan Keyes:  As of today, Friday, September 19th,
>1997, there are 5,333 days left until world
>domination by the Communist Chinese.  At least, if
>you believe Bill Frist.
>Of course, you know, the way things are coming out
>these days, if you believe some of the other
>folks, I don't know.  His prediction may be off by
>a little bit, but if we continue to let global
>internationalists like Mr. Frist vote away our
>technology, vote away our sovereignty, vote away
>protections for our basic and vital national
>interests, the Communist Chinese or somebody else,
>anybody else, may be able to walk through the door
>and take the place over.
>Will we come to our senses in time?  I think
>that's part of what we try to answer here on the
>Alan Keyes Show, as we share information with
>folks about what is going on.  And with reference,
>by the way, to this China business -- and it is
>one of the reasons that I didn't feel at all badly
>about playing our little China piece every day --
>because in all honesty, I don't think that the
>prediction Mr. Frist made is a valid or viable one
>at all, UNLESS we follow the courses of action
>that he has been following:  voting for treaties
>that are bad for our national interest; allowing
>access to technology that gives our enemies an
>ability to harm us militarily; giving away our
>economic advantages -- yeah! If we do THAT, we're
>gonna be hurt.
>And we are, unhappily, in the process of seeing
>that happen, particularly under this
>administration.  And while we are dealing with the
>questions of "campaign money and corruption," I
>really wish -- I say it all the time, and I
>prayerfully would hope -- that Americans would
>start to concentrate on the essentials here.  It
>is not only a question of money, and who gave it,
>and the money trail, and all this garbage that the
>degenerate propaganda media emphasizes.  The
>question is not only who paid what when, but who
>GOT what for it.  We need to look at the quid pro
>quo, particularly where the Chinese are concerned.
>There is an article in the paper today, for
>instance.  The headlines read:  "US May Sell
>Nuclear Technology to China."
>"China has made substantial progress in curbing
>nuclear assistance to Iran and Pakistan, and that
>may allow President Clinton soon to clear the way
>for sales of US nuclear power technology to
>Beijing."  Isn't that wonderful?
>Now, you will note that this is the same Communist
>Chinese regime that was just cited as providing
>Iran with help in developing their missile
>technology for delivering nuclear and other
>weapons.   That's great behavior!  THAT shows that
>they're not going to abuse us.  These are the same
>folks who have been helping the terrorists,
>selling these landmines.  You know, they say, "ban
>the landmines; have this treaty."  You know who
>provides a good deal of the landmines, the cheap
>ones that are actually killing the innocent
>people?  The Chinese Government.  So, in exchange
>for this wonderful behavior, we are going to sell
>them our nuclear technology.
>Now, of course, they'll tell you, "This is just
>for peaceful purposes.  This is to help them
>develop economically."  Meanwhile you have, on
>another front, the following headline:  "Analyst:
>China's Working On Ways To Win War With US."
>"The Chinese military is developing ways to
>overcome America's high-tech weaponry and defeat
>the United States in a future military face-off, a
>Pentagon analyst told the Senate Select Committee
>on Intelligence Thursday.  Committee Chairman
>Richard Shelby, Republican of Alabama, said China
>poses the greatest intelligence challenge to the
>United States, because 'as an emerging economic
>and military power, China has the option, and
>increasingly the will, to challenge vital US
>interests around the globe.'  But the harshest
>assessment came from Michael Pillsbury, an expert
>on China at the Pentagon's National Defense
>University.  He said his translations of Chinese
>military publications show remarkably accurate
>descriptions of weaknesses in US weapons.  'A
>common theme,' Pillsbury said, 'is a Chinese
>military view that America is a declining power,
>with but two or three decades of primacy left."
>See?  The Frist View.  Mr. Frist!  Senator Frist!
>Your view, that you picked up, brainwashed, from
>some stupid staffer, your view happens to be the
>official Communist Chinese military view.  And
>you're touting it on radio stations on the United
>States.  You ought to check your sources.
>Anyway, he said that "they believe US military
>forces, while dangerous at present, are
>vulnerable, even deeply flawed, and can be
>defeated with the right strategy.  That strategy
>involves using new technology to defeat the
>superior with the inferior."
>Do you get it?
>Now, where are they going to find the wherewithal
>to do this, to develop the strategy that defeats
>us?  They're going to get it by getting our
>supercomputers, which they have gotten through the
>Clinton Administration.  They're gonna get it by
>getting our nuclear technology, which they will
>get through the Clinton Administration.  How are
>they going to pay for it?  They are going to pay
>for it with the foreign exchange they earn by
>dumping their cheap goods on America's markets,
>made with their slave labor in labor camps in
>Communist China.  All facilitated by the
>Frist-types, all facilitated by the globalists,
>all facilitated by the Bob Dole -- "we need fast
>track" -- types, who are telling us that we should
>surrender American sovereignty, while the Chinese
>and everybody else are exploiting our
>vulnerabilities to destroy this country for future
>Is this what we owe our children?  See, it really
>does upset me.  Because I think that this is not
>only stupid; from the point of view of our
>obligations to this nation, to our children, to
>future generations, it's treason.  And we're the
>ones who are committing it.  We are betraying the
>interests of our country by tolerating folks who
>follow policies that aid and abet the very enemies
>who are plotting, planning, strategizing, our
>destruction, based on these weaknesses, which are
>being aided and abetted by folks in the Clinton
>Administration and everywhere else -- the moral
>weaknesses that are destroying our society from
>within, and the weaknesses in our ability to
>prevent, through espionage and other access, the
>exploitation of our technological advantage, so
>that we transfer it to other countries that are
>hostile to us.
>And when you read all these stories:  "US May Sell
>Nuclear Technology To China" -- the Clinton
>Administration championing that; Mr. Clinton
>intervening in order to make sure the Chinese have
>their little beachhead in Long Beach, and are able
>to establish their espionage; Mr. Clinton getting
>money from Charlie Trie, that comes, apparently,
>through banks that are owned by the Chinese
>Government and facilitating all of this
>Are we so stupid we don't see what's going on?
>And if we see what's going on, how come we don't
>demand that Fred Thompson stop playing games, and
>start focusing on the things that really matter,
>and that are really hurting us right now?
>Decisions are STILL being taken, which we have to
>suspect are the result of corruption by the
>Communist Chinese and the money that they have
>given to the Clinton Administration.  This isn't
>something that's over with; it's something that's
>going on right now.  And instead of focusing on
>it, Mr. Thompson proposes to look at campaign
>finance reform bills for the next several weeks.
>Spinning his wheels.  And meanwhile allowing the
>truth to go begging, because the Democratic
>thug-type gangsters in the Congress are engaging
>in their cover-up of Mr. Clinton's illicit
>Our security sold down the river; the Democrats,
>like thugs and gangsters, trying to make sure the
>witnesses never come forward to testify, and the
>Republicans too much whimps, too much in the
>pocket of some puppeteers, to stand up valiantly
>against it and let the American people know what's
>going on.  This doesn't work.  And yet we sit
>here, day after day, watching this sickening
>spectacle, knowing somewhere in the back of our
>minds that, however innocent it looks, it portends
>the demise of this great republic and the liberty
>we are supposed to represent.  This doesn't work.
>I think people shouldn't underestimate the extent
>to which the willingness to corrupt our electoral
>process represents an assault on the sovereignty
>of the American people.  It is a crime that
>strikes at the very fountainhead of the authority
>of our governmental institutions -- which, once
>corrupted, must lose our confidence and support.
>If we let it go on -- and we are letting it go on
>-- if we accept phony instead of real solutions,
>we'll be destroying our republic.

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