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Subject: SLS: Lawyers/How To Get ALL The Tax Code Which Applies To You!
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I would add to this, the following:

There is a big difference between "attorneys" and
"lawyers".  To "attorn" is to supervise the transfer
of an estate from the old lord to the new lord;
it is a term from feudal law.  For a pleading which
exposes this reality, see The Grand Jury Case now
loaded in the Supreme Law Library at the URL just
below my name here;  look for OPPOSITION TO MOTION TO

Secondly, officers of the court have three priorities,
not two.  These priorities are, in order of importance:

1.  the court
2.  public policy
3.  the client

This is the main reason why it is always better to 
appear In Propria Persona (In your Proper Person),
with the assistance of Counsel.

Clients always come AFTER the business of the courts,
and always AFTER the interests of "public policy," whatever
that is.  For an introduction to public policy, read
Howard Freeman's essay "The Two United States and the Law"
also in the Supreme Law Library.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

>From: TWStough@aol.com
>Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 13:25:59 -0400 (EDT)
>To: TWStough@aol.com
>Subject: MrNoTaxPyr: Lawyers / How To Get ALL The Tax Code Which Applies
To You!
>A Treatise On The 
>Nature Of Lawyers And Law
>And The Method For Without Fail
>Getting The Section Of The Tax Code
>Which Applies To You And Your Situation
>By:  MrNoTaxPyr
>As Sent To: GeorgiaGov@AOL.Com
>Lawyers, when appearing in a court of law, are members of the Judiciary
>branch called "officers of the court".  As such, owe their allegiance to the
>judiciary (court) first, and only secondly to the client who pays their fees.
> Anybody who has dealt with the Judiciary understands that almost every judge
>is a Lawyer.  Every lawyer judge is a member of the exclusive legal monopoly
>called the Bar ASSociation and owe their allegiance to other members of the
>The LegisTRAITORS write the laws (decrees) and most of the Legistraitors are
>Lawyers.  The Executive branch of government enforces the Laws (decrees) and
>these prosecutors are lawyers and they have the power to prosecute or not
>prosecute.  Thus we see that for the most part, lawyers write the law,
>lawyers enforce the law and lawyers determine the law.  One would think that
>this situation would violate the separation of powers doctrine of the
>A review of the Gospels reveals that Christ was always being challenged by
>the religious leaders -- the Pharisees, Sadduces and the Herodians.  Christ
>specifically warned the disciples to beware of the leaven, or the guidance
>from the Pharisees, the Sadducees and the Herodians.  Among His accusers were
>those whom Scripture calls LAWYERS. 
>It was the lawyers who rejected the teaching of John the Baptist (Luke 7:30).
> It was the lawyers who hindered those who sought truth (Luke 11:45, 52).  It
>was the lawyers who criticized Christ for healing on the Sabbath (Luke 14:3).
> It was the lawyers who kept asking Christ difficult questions (Matthew
>It was the LAWYERS who possessed the keys of knowledge and were supposed to
>be the teachers of the LAW.  God is the ONLY GIVER OF LAW and therefore the
>only giver of law.  All other law is "precept of men".  Lawyers are supposed
>to be the teachers of Gods Laws, yet they were engrossed in the "traditions
>of the elders" or the "precepts of men" -- not the word of God.  It was the
>lawyers who occupied the responsible positions, and still do, yet failed to
>instruct the people in the truth of God's Word, the Law.
>It was, and still is, the lawyers who by the "traditions of the elders" have
>taken away the true meaning and method of interpreting the REAL LAWS.  The
>Lawyers "serve" their own gods, "that is they obey the precepts of men", not
>the LAWS of God.  Lawyers have a language of their  own.  Just look at the
>so-called laws they write.  Do you understand them?  Just look at the
>Infernal Revenue laws that the LAWYERS write, can you understand them?  When
>the IRS bandits wish to tax your earnings (your property), they call your
>PROPERTY "taxable income" for measuring the amount of tax. BUT look what
>happens when the IRS wishes to seize your earnings to satisfy their
>assessment:  this same "taxable income" now becomes "property" and "rights to
>property" subject to seizure. 
>Now, either the fruit of your own labor is your property or it is taxable
>income.  Either the Income Tax is a tax on "income", as the IRS claims or
>it's a property tax!  It cannot be classified as both.  Lawyers, the scum of
>the Earth!
>Would you like to have a copy of the Infernal Revenue Code??   Write your
>  CONgressman and tell him to send you one.  If you are supposed to obey all
>these IRS Codes, shouldn't the CONgress or the IRS supply you with these
>CODES.  When the IRS sends you letters, they quote sections of the IRS
Code, a
>s if you had one in your possession to read.  Tell your CONgressPERSON
that yo
>u really don't need all of the Code, just the income tax section and the
>implementing regulations for the enforcement of the income tax, and have him
>highlight the section of the Code that makes you subject to the income tax,
>and also Liable for the income tax.
>Get the IRS or your Congressperson and your senators to send you just the
>Income Tax sections and implementing enforcement regulations that only apply
>to you.  You do not need the other sections of the IRS Code.   
>ASK FOR IT, IT WON'T KILL YOU!  You need the rules to obey the rules, LETS
>flood CONgress with the rule book that applies to you!!!!  Flood them.
>Comments From 
>GeorgiaGov@AOL.Com aka 
>Do It!  If you aren't writing your public serpents (I slipped again!) at
>least ONCE PER DAY, you are not doing your civic duty.  Think about it --  If
>you word EIGHT hours per day, over THREE goes to the guvmint  When you add
>all the indirect taxes, over FOUR go to the guvmint.  Is it not reasonable to
>voice your opinion ONCE A DAY since you are working HALF OF EVERY DAY FOR
>Here is a prototype letter you should send to all your Representative and
>Senators (please pardon the wording -- I was trying to get it to the lowest
>level person who is being subjected to the the Individuals Representing
>Dear Public Serpent (use their real name!):
>I am corn-fused bout this here infernal revenuer stuff.  There is too much of
>this stuff for me ta understand.   I work as a mechanic at John's fix it shop
>and I make $10 a hour.  I ain't got no investments.  Heck, I even rent whar I
>live and I only half own my car -- the bank owns the other half.  All I got
>is some clothes, Salvation Army Store furniture and two semi-automatic rifles
>with laser sites I keep for protection from the grissly bears you congress
>critters were kind enough to release into my back yard.
>You bein' one of them their edumacated college gradiates and a lawster,
>please look over all that stuff in that USC 26 thang and have yore sexytary
>just copy whut done applied to me.  Since the law has to be what you call it
>implenterated (or somethin like that) please send me the implementeration
>regumulations that done been writ for these laws so I can see xactly what I
>need to pay on and where it says I have to send my money to a private trust
>owned by people too afeared to let us find out who they wuz.  
>Oh, I understand that most folks think you get paid to much, specially with
>tha way the guvmint wastes so much money.  I don't thank thats rite.   I bet
>you have to work up a sweat findin ways to spend all that money and then a
>thankin up reasons you can splain it to us common folks.  Like them dern
>$500,000 toilet seats.  Couldn't they wait til they could find a public
>Knowin how hard you work and how much it costs to live in that dern District
>of Criminals, I thought you could use some extrie money.  So I gots me here a
>deal fer ya.  When you send that stuff to me, I kin send a copy to this here
>William Conklin feller.   He ain't got no congress critter like you.  He has
>been trying fer years to git the answers to two little bitty ole questions.
> They are:
>What statute makes me liable to file an income tax return?
>What statute requires me to waive my Fifth Amendment Rights?
>He says his congress critters won't tell him.  He has tried to ask every body
>he kin thank of.   Heck, he has been offerin people $50,000 if they kin anser
>them two simple little bitty old questions.
>It ain't like nobody tried.  A lot of folks did but they just could not do
>it.  Must be hid sommers in all them big fancy lawyster words.  Heck for
>fifty big ones, I figured I would give it a shot.  I went down to my
>lie=berry and got that there law book it was supposed to be in.  I couldn't
>make heads or tails out of that stuff.  
>Shoot fire, that big time lawster, Melvin Belli even tried and he done give
>up.  I guess tha only people who kin figure it out are you congress critters
>who done wrote down all that stuff down in that lawster lingo.
>Here's my deal.  You send that stuff to me and I'll drive it out west to that
>Conklin feller's house.  I kin show him the stuff and tell him my congress
>critter done told me here it is.  I'll get him to make out two checks for
>$25,000 each.  One fer you and one fer me.  That should help you take care of
>all them extrie expenses of being a congress critter for a while.
>I am lookin forwerd to gettin this stuff so I kin get started.  OH!  I just
>membered.  This dern revenuer feller cum to see me tha other day.  He did
>some cypherin and said I dun owed him $25,000.  I'll tell you what I'm a
>gonna do.  Why don't you just send that stuff dye-rect to that Conklin feller
>and then he can send you the whole $50,000.  I kin jis write a note to that
>reverner feller and tell him that you gone git my $25,000 and send it
>dye-rect to him.  Thataway, I ain't got to try to come up with no $25,000. I
>ain'ta never see a heap o' money that big in all my daze.
>Thanks for dun helpin me out of a spot.
>Jeb Clampett (use your real name)
>By the by:  There is this other feller who sez he'll pay $10,000 more for
>that same information.  Make an extrie copy and send it to that feller.  I
>would give you his address but while I was writin this here letter, that dern
>revenuer came in and took my Salvation Army furniture whilst I was writin
>this here letter.  I see they dun brought a wrecker fur ma car.  He was nice
>enough to let me keep my clothes.  He tried to take away this here pen I was
>writin with.  But when I told him I was writin to my congress critter, he
>said I could keep it until you ansered.  
>He was a nice young man.  Too bad he and his crew have to kerry them big guns
>with them.  I guess they are feared of  one of them radicals what done said
>they studied that Constimatution thang and that them revenuers can't take
>peoples stuff like that.  Now that's about as dumb as anythang I ever heered
>of.  I told them dang patriot fellers to stop all that non-sense.  Heck if
>one of them revenuers took somebody's stuff without  followin the law,  all
>that poor sucker would have to do is write them a letter to their congress
>critter and they would make them dern revenuers give it back pronto.  Now
>ain't that the truth!
>Oh, sense them dern revenuers dun took all my stuff and since you are gonna
>use that $25,000 to pay them whut I dun owed that no one could tell me why,
>call that revenuer and have him bring my stuff back.  I need my TV fore night
>time so I kin watch them news fellers tell me how good it is in this country.
> I specially like it when that Klinton feller gets on and says we gotta take
>away some rights and my squirrel rifle so them patriots don't get out of hand
>or someone shoots one of them revenuer fellers.
>Oh, my nephew (who's in tha gyrines) helped that Klinton feller  git off the
>helicopter the other day.  He said he was gittin of that thang and he had him
>a fine little piglet under each arm.  My nephew said them shore was some fine
>pigs and Klinton told my nephew that them was gen-u-ine Arkansas razerbacks.
> He said that Klinton feller said he got the one under his left arm for
>Hillary and the one under his right arm for that ugly dern kid of his.
> That's why he's our leader.  He shore knows how to make a good deal!
>OH, one more thang.  Don't bother callin them revenuer fellers to get help
>with this.  I done called and wrote and they won't give me the answers.  I
>called one of my friends who believes all that Patriot junk and said "Bubba,
>I dun writ them revenuers askin fer them questions and they sent me nothing".
> Bubba told me that they did send me an answer but I was too dumb to figure
>it out!

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