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Subject: SLS: Liberal media in Idaho (fwd)
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Dear Local Media:

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After reviewing these and related documents,
I would be very interested to know if you would
still choose to label People like Us as as radicals,
misfits, fanatics, or extremists.

Would it be too much to ask you to read these
documents, and then to answer the question which
I have posed above?

I would be very appreciative of your honest and
straightforward answers.  We are interested in
elevating the dialogue in America, and invite you
to join Us in this ambitious task.

Thank you very much, in advance, for your kindness
and consideration.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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At 07:34 AM 9/1/97 -0700, you wrote:
>This is what we are faced with in the future of our endeavor to
>rid ourselves of the federal presence in Idaho County. Of
>course, they won't print a rebuttal to Bill Hall's trash. Maybe
>some people could e-mail a short note to >letters@lmtribune.com
>about the lumping together of people, who are trying to preserve
>the way of life and government that the founders intended, as
>right-wing, extremist, militia, fanatics. This article is from
>the Lewiston Morning Tribune of Aug. 31,1997.
>Tom Simmons > simmons@camasnet.com
>Maybe your wife and dog are FBI agents
>Bill Hall
>The intriguing question is not how many latter-day Nazis,
>militia members and defiant racists now live in Idaho. 
>The intriguing question is what percentage of them are FBI
>undercover agents. 
>That question is probably not half so intriguing to me as it is
>to latter-day Nazis, militia member and defiant racists. It's
>the sort of question that could make a person itchy if he is a
>regular at extremist meetings and goes out for a beer afterward
>with one of the boys. 
>If that really is one of the boys? 
>Or is that one of the G-men? Is it one of THEM? 
>The strange part is that the few hundred political oddballs who
>have taken up residence in Idaho in the past few years tend to
>be kind of paranoid without any help. They tend to see
>government agents manipulating everything in this society. And
>they're probably wrong except for their own meetings where the
>guy presiding may be an FBI undercover agent. 
>Or maybe it's you, brother. Or maybe you, sister. 
>Or maybe it's me. We could be everywhere. We may even be you.
>That's how strange you are. You could be us and we could be you
>and you would never know for sure. 
>If I thought like that, I'd go hide in the hills, too. 
>The great tidal change in all of this is that the prime targets
>for undercover infiltration by federal agents today are more on
>the right than on the left. A generation and more ago, it was
>the opposite. The anti-war movement probably included dozens of
>long-haired, tie-died FBI agents. 
>And in the generation before that, it was generally and probably
>accurately suspected that a fair percentage of the members of
>the American Communist Party were FBI agents. Without those
>federal dues the American Communist Party might have been even
>more anemic than it was -- perhaps too weak to survive. 
>But it boggles the mind to realize that some of the cookies
>brought to the fund-raising bake sales of the American Communist
>Party were baked from ingredients purchased at government
>expense. Thus the Communist Party was the only political
>organization during those years enjoying the luxury of
>government subsidized dessert. 
>Similarly, today a certain percentage of the folks hanging out
>in Idaho are some sort of federal agents willing to undergo the
>humiliation of putting on a shrunken T-shirt and riding around
>Idaho in a pickup truck with their beer guts hanging out, their
>agent wives in the back and their federal bird dogs sitting in
>the warm cab beside them where a good Idaho bird dog belongs. 
>As an Idaho native, cringing at each overdone national news
>report on the bizarros of Idaho, I take solace in knowing that
>whatever the alleged number of racist, government-hating
>survivalists, the actual number is somewhat less because a
>certain percentage of these people are feds and therefore don't
>count. A certain percentage of them don't actually hate the
>government. They are the government. 
>And maybe some of the county commissioners and school board
>members and city council people and even the congressmen around
>here aren't really as far out as they pretend. There couldn't be
>that many of them in one little state without federal
>I just hope if Congressman Helen Chenoweth actually is a federal
>agent infiltrating the Idaho delegation that she isn't
>doubled-dipping by drawing both salaries. 
>Actually, if I were an Idaho extremist (and I am, but of a
>different sort), I would be most suspicious of the people who
>appear to be most loyal to the movement. It is human nature when
>posing inside an organization to go a bit overboard and try to
>appear so fervent that you leave no one in doubt as to your
>alleged loyalty. 
>Thus the more loyal a person seems to be to white American
>constitutionalist causes of the oppressed white males, the more
>likely that person is to be a faker. 
>As far as I'm concerned, if I were in an organization like that,
>I wouldn't trust anybody but my bird dog (and sometimes he has a
>hint of the police dog in his eyes). 
>Of course, you can always trust the kids and the missus. 
>Well, at least some of the kids. And the missus, for sure. 
>On the other hand, you better not forget her birthday if you
>know what's good for you. Sometimes you rile a woman and she'll
>go to work for THEM! For all you know, you may be sleeping with
>an FBI agent. 

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