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Dear Clients,

We will be loading the pleadings in U.S.A. v. Looker
into the Supreme Law Library, as soon as we get funding
for the webmaster.  Please stand by.  Looker stiffed
me for about $7,000 in legal fees, with the assistance
of his "Pastor" -- Butch Paugh in Nettie, West Virginia.
After commissioning all of that work, signing and filing
all of it, Looker withdraw every single pleading, and then
pleaded guilty.  Go figure!  Beware of wolves in sheep's

/s/ Paul Mitchell

copy:  Dave Sharp, Associated Press

>>From the Washington Post:
>       Firefighter Guilty For Giving Militia
>       Plan of FBI Site
>       Associated Press
>       Tuesday, August 26, 1997; Page A04
>       The Washington Post 
>       WHEELING, W.Va., Aug. 25A firefighter who gave a
>       militia leader photographs of blueprints of an FBI complex was
>       found guilty today, the first person to be convicted under a new
>       federal anti-terrorism law.
>       Prosecutors have said there were preparations but no active
>       plot to carry out an attack on the FBI's Criminal Justice
>       Informations Services office in Clarksburg. About 3,000
>       people work there.
>       Jurors took three days to find Lt. James "Rich" Rogers guilty of
>       sneaking into the fire hall basement and taking 34 photos of the
>       blueprints of the FBI facility. Rogers, 41, could get up to 10
>       years in prison when sentenced. He was acquitted of a
>       conspiracy charge.
>       Rogers was accused of providing the photographs that
>       Mountaineer Militia leader Floyd "Ray" Looker sold for
>       $50,000 to what he believed was the middleman for a terrorist
>       group. The "middleman" was an undercover agent.
>       Looker, 57, also was charged under the same 1994
>       anti-terrorism law, but pleaded guilty to avoid three subsequent
>       trials. Rogers is the first to be convicted under the law, which
>       makes it a crime to knowingly provide resources to someone
>       planning a terrorist attack.
>       Defense lawyer Gary Zimmerman said he plans to appeal the
>       decision.
>       Zimmerman said his client was drawn into criminal activity by
>       Looker and Looker's trusted intelligence chief, Okey Marshall
>       Richards Jr., who turned out to be an FBI informer who made
>       hundreds of tape recordings. 
>        Copyright 1997 The Associated Press

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