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Hi Peter,

The best part of it was that I made
a friend and mentor out of a former
judge, and that relationship is one
I will always cherish.  We even defeated
the felony charges but, sadly, the jury
convicted him of failing to file, mainly
because they later told him that he had
ADMITTED to not filing, when he testified
on the stand.  He made all the decisions
about the content of the posters, and
it was my job to research and prepare
them, by enlarging the text and mounting
everything on foam core poster boards.

It has been a long time since I looked
at them, but they are certainly still
timely, don't you think?  I am pushing hard
to get all of this loaded onto the Internet.

The Gilbertson case in the Supreme Law Library
is only one of 30 such cases I have litigated
during the past 7 years.  So, there is much
MUCH more where this stuff came from!

Nice to have good news, for a change, yes?

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>Dear Paul,
>Loved your Anti-IRS Posters, way to go, you are so right on....
>Peter Dorsett

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