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>Hello people,
>Just got concrete evidence of the military conquest that we have been
>under since 1862.  Montgomery is working on it and when it is done we
>will distribute it.  It deals with a 1995/6 case filed by a federal judge
>challenging the 14th amendment.  This resulted in further research by
>montgomery proving what we had already concluded that we have no forum at
>all in this country to go to.  When we bring in the right argument the
>military courts of the de facto govt will not allow it to be brought to
>the attention of the american people.  No matter what we do it won't
>cause a "win" in the courts.  You can stop the action at the
>administrative level at the lowest common denominator but that's it,
>provided you present certain issues they won't address. Once you are a
>defendant or plaintiff it's over and done with, you lose. All the
>paperwork and correct arguments are a waste of time.  Education of the
>people is the only hope.  BUT, how do you tell them Santa doesn't exist
>after 200 years in beliving in the constution of 1789.
>Here are two excerpts from two sources that will make you sit up and take
>Number one:  From the Los Angeles Times July 4, 1997 regarding retired
>Sgt. Maj. Brenda Hoster's sexual charges against Army sgt. Maj. McKinney;
>"Based on Jarvis' request the Army now will reconsider recalling her to
>military status under a statute intended to allow reactivation of former
>Lets write to Ms Dina Bass who did the story at Voices, Los Angeles
>Times, Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles, Calif. 90053 and ask what war we
>are under or what national emergency we are under to cause the statute to
>be used.  She didn't mention the statute so ask her what statute it is.
>Number Two:  a quotation from George P. Fletchre, Professor or
>Jurisprudence at Columbia Law School, states;
>"Our constitutional situation would be much clearer if we marked the
>DISCONTINUITY in our history by calling the first Constitution the
>`founding republic' and the second, say, the `egalitarian republic.'"  he
>then states; 
>"We have propagated MYTHS about the binding force of the 1789
>Constitution that some people, unfortunately, TAKE TOO SERIOUSLY."
>	Any one with common sense and logic can start bombarding the
>Professor, who knows damn well what is going on, with questions on his
>statements. He has never, in my educated opinion, told any of his
>students about this and why the law schools never teach fundamental
>principles of law or the law itself.  That is why lawyers are so ignorant
>and are controlled by their superiors, the other liers called judges.
>	Well people the Informer has always said the Constitution was not
>ours and we were never bound by it.
>The New History of America just supports these two separate statements
>that treaty of the Crown still rules us and the actions of the era of the
>14th amendment brought about, under Lincoln, the de- facto shadow
>government under military rule by his 157 Articles of war in his general
>Order 100, and 12 Stat 319 which was never repealed and is in full force
>and effect today.  Proving, as Linda Thompson agrees, that we have no
>forum to go to.  Stop wasting time in chasing the carrot by filing all
>these meritless law pleadings in their military courts.
>	Be prepared to get violently ill when we come out with this
>material that can't be disputed.  It is on order of the same type
>material and proof that is in the New History of America.
>                                Cheers,
>                                Big Al

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