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Please forward this to the Centers for Disease
Control, in Atlanta, Georgia state.  Someone
should also forward this message to Mr. Roger
Cravens, who worked there not too long ago.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

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>TITLE: U.S. Military Knew Vaccine Would Make Some Soldiers Ill
>AUTHOR: M.A.J. McKenna
>SOURCE: Boston Sunday Herald
>DATE OF PUBLICATION: October 4, 1992
>DESCRIPTORS: Anthrax shots, experimental drugs, Frank Landry,
>Steve Robertson
>BRIEF SUMMARY: According to the article, the U.S. Department of Defense 
>administered Anthrax shots to soldiers and administrators during the 
>Gulf War knowing that there was a possibility that some people could 
>become seriously ill. Supposedly, the recipients of the shots were not 
>informed of the side effects. Steve Robertson, a Desert Storm veteran 
>who displayed symptoms of Gulf syndrome, claimed that the Anthrax shot 
>was not even recorded in his vaccination records. Further, he indicated 
>that the shot was not voluntary and no information about the shot was 
>given to him. In addition to Robertson's incident, another veteran, 
>Frank Landry, claimed that he had an allergic reaction to the first 
>Anthrax shot and was given a second despite literature which indicated 
>that use be terminated if a severe reaction occurred. The article 
>further discussed the claim that several drugs still considered 
>experimental by the FDA, were purchased and/or used by the U.S. 
>government on soldiers during the Gulf War.
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