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>    U.S.  M I L I T A R Y   T E S T S
>    by Ian Williams Goddard
>    Unaware of the Cruise Missile Defense (CMD) protocol, many
>    people can't believe that the Navy would conduct CMD tests 
>    off Long Island, where witnesses saw a rocket intercept TWA 
>    800, because it is so close to  inhabited areas where such 
>    testing could hurt civilians. In other words: the military 
>    wouldn't endanger the people because the military respects 
>    people's boundaries. If you think that's true, think again.
>    Research revealed by INSIGHT magazine (8/7/97) indicates 
>    that the military conducted involuntary drug experimenta-
>    tion on Gulf War soldiers -- a.k.a., human guinea pigs --
>    with a drug unapproved for human use. [1] As CNN reported
>    last year (9/26/96), the Pentagon has already admitted to 
>    having dosed Gulf War soldiers with the drug pyridostigmine 
>    bromide without the consent or knowledge of those soldiers
>    (http://www.cnn.com/US/9609/26/gulf.illness/index.html).
>    So it seems that not only will the U.S. military conduct 
>    dangerous tests near your body, but, if it can get away 
>    with it, the military will also conduct dangerous tests 
>    INSIDE your body. Far from respecting the boundaries of 
>    The People, it would more accurate to say: The People 
>    are cannonfodder and guinea pigs for military masters.
>    The latest drug found in "Gulf War guinea pigs" is squalene, 
>    an unapproved synthetic adjuvant compound believed to boost 
>    the effect of immunizations. Many Gulf War soldiers (includ-
>    ing those who did not see action)  who are suffering from 
>    "Gulf War syndrome" and were given inoculations during the 
>    war, have tested positive for squalene antibodies, proving 
>    that they were somehow exposed to this synthetic compound. 
>    There also appears to be a correlation between the level 
>    of squalene exposure and severity of "Gulf War syndrome" 
>    symptomology, such that more squalene => more illness.
>    THE WASHINGTON TIMES reports (08/15/97) that in response 
>    to the INSIGHT article on involuntary drug experimentation, 
>    the Pentagon came forward to deny the charges. Speaking for 
>    the Pentagon, retired Lt. Gen. Dale Vesser told reporters: 
>           I've been told that recently there's 
>           been a small use of squalene as an 
>           adjuvant that some 50 test volunteers
>           have been exposed to.  None of this 
>           happened at the time of the Gulf war.
>           That's all I can say on the subject.
>    What he's saying is that all he's allowed to tell us is 
>    that the voluntary tests were not happening at the time 
>    of the Gulf war. Well, I suspect that is true, but what 
>    about involuntary tests? Seems he can't talk about that.
>    Is this part of a conspiracy to violate the consent of 
>    soldiers and conduct top-secret drug tests? We should be 
>    able to get to the bottom of this by simply acquiring the 
>    appropriate  military records to see if squalene was used 
>    in innoculations? Gee, sorry, the records disappeared! As 
>    INSIGHT reports, as many as 700,000 service-related immu-
>    nization records have completely vanished. So that's it, 
>    "the bottom" of this case has simply been erased. 
>    It seems that whenever the military runs into trouble, 
>    the files just disappear [2].  Such is the opposite of 
>    a military that is accountable to The People, and it's
>    the opposite of a military that is the servant of The 
>    People. Since the opposite of a servant is a master, 
>    it follows from military actions that the military 
>    is the master, not the servant, of The People.
>    Let's face it, while our military may be an adjunct of
>    a democratic society, within itself it is a fascistic 
>    dictatorship by design. It's an organization where by 
>    design the will of the individual is crushed and sub-
>    ordinated to the unswerving and unquestioning service 
>    of a master plan dictated by an elite central command. 
>    The military is as dangerous to a society as it can 
>    be necessary. Just as effectively and swiftly as a 
>    military can defend the liberty of a society, it can 
>    take it away. Just like Thomas Jefferson's analogy 
>    of government and fire, if the military is not kept 
>    small and in a limited area, like a raging fire it 
>    quickly spreads, destroying all good in its path.
>    Indeed, 230 passengers aboard TWA Flight 800 were 
>    quickly destroyed by a raging fire that shot upwards 
>    from an area occupied by military assets engaged in 
>    military operations. I believe the 230 people aboard 
>    TWA 800 and hundreds of Gulf War veterans have been
>    forced to learn Jefferson's lesson the hard way. 
>    The Question is, will we as a society be allowed to 
>    learn from these lessons or will our military govern-
>    ment continue to test the outer limits of tyranny by 
>    suppressing the truth in these and in other cases?
>[1] INSIGHT: Sickness and Secrecy. By Paul M. Rodriguez,
>    August 7, 1997. Find excerpt of the INSIGHT article
>    here: http://www.sirinet.net/~dwolf/squalene.htm 
>    Other Gulf War Syndrome military cover-ups: 
>    http://members.tripod.com/~AmazonFox/GWS.html 
>    GWS Covered Up: http://caq.com/caq53.gws.html 
>[2] Yet another example of vanishing military files:
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